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G Frsh Falling High ft. Sonny Reeves

A perfect example of why you should never completely write-up UK rap, London MC G Frsh debuts the visual accompaniment to his hit song “Falling High.”

The single, featuring British singer Sonny Reeves debuted on i-D back in March, thrusting the duo into the internet limelight with over 30,000 plays in less than a month. Off-kilter beats and crystalline falsettos coupled with and melodic rhymes and fluctuating tempos make the number an intriguing first taste— one that leaves you thirsting for more. Watch the track’s black and white theatrics come to life on Youtube’s silverscreen above.

“Falling High” is the first single off G Frsh’s forthcoming Alfie EP.

Who is Spooky Black?
To be honest, I’m not quite sure yet. But don’t worry, I have a lot more on the Midwest suburbs (and internet’s) answer to Keith Sweat Y2K coming soon.
For now enjoy a collection of my favorite Lil’ Spook tracks including his collaborative project The Standard (made up of Lil Spooky, Psymun, Allen Kingdom and Bobby Raps)’s two new singles, ‘Decisions’ and ‘Doors.’ Minnesota represent!

Who is Spooky Black?

To be honest, I’m not quite sure yet. But don’t worry, I have a lot more on the Midwest suburbs (and internet’s) answer to Keith Sweat Y2K coming soon.

For now enjoy a collection of my favorite Lil’ Spook tracks including his collaborative project The Standard (made up of Lil Spooky, Psymun, Allen Kingdom and Bobby Raps)’s two new singles, ‘Decisions’ and ‘Doors.’ Minnesota represent!

BAE OF THE DAY: Will Ward Temperatures 

So today’s “Bae of the Day” is a dude. Get over it. Really looking forward to this forthcoming release from London techno inspired, deep house producer Will Ward. So much of the house and deep house being produced today is of the garden variety, so when an artist or release piques my interest, it’s always exciting (and refreshing).

"Temperatures"is the first single of Ward’s Chorus Memory EP and after listening it’s clear I’m a sucker for racing synths and meticulously sought after moods.

Of course everyone likes acts like Four Tet and Jamie xx, whom which Will Ward draws some parallels to. But if you’re looking for more reasons to listen, I would say even more so then the artists mentioned above, Ward’s sound is not so unlike Kompakt producer Dauwd, and even Bonobo. Really you can’t go wrong with Audio Doughnuts newest producer, as you’ll find Ward nestled somewhere in the middle of them all. 

Will Ward’s Chorus Memory EP is out on 12” vinyl and digitally on May 5th via Audio Doughnuts.

The World’s Best Dance Music Radio Shows

Thanks to the death of dial-up, the rise of cloud computing, and the geniuses behind streaming content, online radio has blossomed into a thing of beauty. Whether it’s label takeovers on the UK bass station RinseFM, rising stars spinning on NTS Radio, or celebrity cameos on Boiler Room, there will never be enough time in the world to listen to it all. Where to start? Here is your expertly curated selection of dance music radio shows that you need to listen to. 

Beats in Space with Tim Sweeney

Hosted by DJ and label-head Tim Sweeney, Beats in Space has run every Tuesday from 10PM to 1AM since 1999. Hosted from inside NYU’s WNYU 89.1 FM, the show has become an institution in the dance music world. Tim consistently impresses listeners with his stellar live mixes and extensive electronic music collection, not to mention his weekly guests. Everyone from Four Tet and Jamie XX to James Murphy and Nicolas Jaar have graced the show with an on-air mix.


This strictly bass-focused Internet station is home to DJs spinning dubstep, future garage, 2-step, grime, UKG, future jungle, dub, deep house, techno, juke, trap, and more. Highlights include shows from the Belgian dubstep OG Bunzer0, emerging grime imprint Glacial Sound, and Brighton, UK incubator Donky Pitch.

Mix Up Exclusives on Triple J 

Hosted by the Aussie station’s longtime radio personality Nina Las Vegas, the four-hour show presents one exclusive mix per hour. Nina, who I would imagine gets her name from partying like she’s in Vegas on the regular, tracks down all the artists we already love like Cashmere Cat, indie cult faves Awesome Tapes From Africa, and newcomer South London Ordnance to create amazing mixes that include unreleased songs, just for her.

Cosmopolyphonic Radio 

Introducing the world to the emerging beatmaker scene in Japan and vice-versa, this show is your one-stop shop when it comes to discovering new music in the downtempo, ambient and jazzy hip-hop scenes. Bonus points if you speak Japanese and can understand what they’re saying in between songs.

Gold River Show 

Host Jerry Jones is one of the staples of East Village Radio in New York, which you can visit in person if you’re ever strolling down First Avenue on the way to the Meat Pie Shop. With a ground-level studio that’s big enough for one DJ and four hype-dudes, they’ve got speakers set up out front so you can bust moves on the sidewalk and wave through the glass wall at the selector. Each week East Village Radio carves out two hours to let Jerry’s Gold River Show drop a mix of underground club music that stretches from oversexed Jersey club jams to synth-heavy disco.

Benji B on BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio 1 isthe be-all-end-all of tastemaking radio stations in the UK, with a mission to introduce the world to the best electronic artists—past, present and future. Benji B’s show is so ahead of the game that he has to go live at 2AM just to ensure it’s still “the future.” Dropping exclusives and premieres with little regard for genre, Benji B—who you may know from the globe-trotting Deviations party—makes everybody jealous with the roster of mega guests artists he lands every week.

Rinse FM

Rinse FM launched in 1994 and quickly became the crown jewel of pirate radio stations. In 2010 the station received a proper opertaing license and now acts as a barometer of who’s hot when it comes to the UK’s homegrown talent. Don’t sleep on radio shows from labelsl like Hyperdub, Hessle Audio, Butterz, as well as appearances from artists like Four Tet and SBTRKT, who each have their own bi-weekly shows. No matter what show is on, you know you’re in good hands.


Two of Glasgow’s most prominent labels, which are also behind some of the best parties you’ve never been to, progress the sound of dance music each week with their alternating shows. The labels, which are home to groundbreaking acts like Hudson Mohawke, Rusty, Jacques Greene, Machinedrum and SOPHIE, enlist DJs like Jackmaster and Éclair Fifi to play host. They also make sure there’s plenty of inaudible Scottish banter and special guests.

Horse Meat Disco 

Hosted by DJs James Hillard and Jim Stanton, Horse Meat Disco is basically a lesson in the origins of dance music going back to the days of early acid house, Balearic beat, and yes—disco. All that feel-good shit for you Ibiza beach party. If you thought you knew your way around the more ecstatic side of dance music, these guys prove you don’t know shit. 

Precious Metals on NTS 

If you’re itching to explore the experimental side of heavy bass, NTS Radio goes way beyond the mainstream to satisfy your most off-kilter desires. Founded in 2011, the London-based station has accomodates new music bubbling up from the underground’s darkest corners. Endgame describes his show Precious Metals as “abrasive and beautiful freeform electronic and dance music,“ and he gives listeners just that. Like deciding to stay in on a Friday, then waking up feeling amazing, listening to Precious Metals always leaves you feeling satisfied and refreshed—even if you weren’t sure it was a good idea at first.

Blood Orange Uncle Ace (a/jus/ted Remix)

Dev Hayes aka Blood Orange, is the epitome of what you imagine the music scene in New York is like… (and actually is). I am shamelessly will forever be a huge fan. One of his sultry, guitar-laden creations off Cupid Deluxe, “Uncle Ace,” just exudes sexy, late night vibes.

The rework by Brooklyn production duo a/jus/ted (Eddie Mars and Justin Strauss) which dropped a few days ago, is a dark deep house flip— one that beckons to you, whispering, “Meet me on the dancefloor.” Keep this one on repeat to ensure to stay put under those glimmering lights all night long. So hawt. 

Dev wants you to know you can now buy the first official Blood Orange remixes featuring Kindness, A/JUST/TED & Robert Owens now on iTunes.

L’homme Aux 4 Lettres Kimono

Point Point collective’s L’homme Aux 4 Lettres introduces us to part one of four of the group’s new conceptual project: the vibrant single, “Kimono”.

A few weeks ago, mysterious French production crew Point Point unveiled their first single “Life in Grey.” This week, they’re back with a fantastic conceptual project building off the success of their debut track.

Essentially telling the story of how the group collaborates to create one unique sound, in the coming weeks the four members of Point Point will each drop a freshly produced new cut. After the four tracks have been debuted, they will then build a new track incorporating the four singles.

First up is producer L’Homme Aux 4 Lettres with “Kimono.” Rhythmic drum beats meet wild, dancing synths as rays of electronic sunlight trickle down in a dramatic fashion. It’s a body of pulsating energy subtly exhaling in the most worldly of directions.

We can’t wait to see how these elements get incorporated into the finial product, so stay tuned!

Sylvan Esso Play It Right [Best Fit Premiere]

Just under a month before their album release date, North Carolina duo Sylvan Esso debut their beautiful new single, “Play It Right,” today on Best Fit.

Song of the DayWhen we think about the fundamental parts that make a band great, often that sparkle factor is some intangible that even the most beautiful of words struggle to define it. For Sylvan Esso, the duo made up of  Mountain Man’s Amelia Meath and Megafaun’s Nick Sanborn, the ability to hold onto their folksy, harmony-driven roots while evolving into a completely new sound steeped in electronic production is like a glimpse into music’s future…without all the harsh and polarizing side effects.

The pair’s highly anticipated self-titled release is due out next month on Partisan Records, and has us guessing as to how all the moving parts of the band’s three extraordinarily unique singles will translate to an album. But don’t let your mind stray and the comparisons get you caught up; Sylvan Esso, in their own right, are worth every bit of your focus.

Entrenched in bass heavy fervour and kaleidoscopic drips of layered percussion is the album’s third, and most exuberant single, “Play It Right.” Razor sharp synths play a game of cat and mouse while delicate sing-song vocals progress the track along, just before breaking it apart once more.

It’s all just in time. This is the big single you know they’ve been holding onto; holding onto until the last bit of winter has melted and given way to that rushing feeling that you get when you realise spring has finally arrived.

Sofar London caught up with the band to capture a live version of “Play It Right”. Watch it below.

Partisan Records will release “Play It Right” on 26 May. Sylvan Esso is out on 2 June, pre-order here.

 Untitled (Rapid Vocal)

OMG I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS SONG TO COME OUT FOR OVER A YEAR. If you’ve met me IRL, you know I’m always armed with an arsenal of under-the-radar acts I can’t wait to tell you about. On the top of that list has mysterious been grime producer, Mokona. Introduced to me by labelhead and DJ Aiden Bennison of Templar Sound, I’ve literally been obsessing over “Untitled (Rapid Vocal)” since he sent it to me…. way back in 2012. Ahead of his time as always, it seems holding onto the track, while he waited for the music world to catch up, has it’s benefits.

But it’s not surprise I love this track. A pinnacle of quality music pressed in small batches, the Sydney-based label has put out electronic releases of the avant-garde variety by acts like Grown FolkDro CareyCitizenDJ Vague and now Mokona

For the track itself, Mokona’s take on bass is an expansive one. Melding grime with a host of influences, textural elements, beats, effects and well, rapid vocals, this track is kind of a trip on first listen. A trip that draws you in and forces you to dig deeper, my favorite kind… 

Mokona’s limited 300 run vinyl only release is out May 12th as part of Templar Sound’s grime white label series. I promise you don’t want to miss this one.



Eyedress Hearing Colors Mixtape

Today, the killa from Manilla, producer, singer and video director Idris Vicuña aka Eyedress, released his debut mixtape Hearing Colors. The 23-year old artist makes fascinating electronic music with worldly influences touching on decades of the past, while using technology to not only tell stories, but give his music a feeling of “now.”

Frequent collaborator, Skint Eastwood's haunting vocals caress digital blips while hi-hats hiss, gaps between sounds reverb and exhale and all the while simulated mandolin riffs pay homage to his South-East Asian roots. 

With inspired visuals and an arsenal of explorative sounds, Eyedress is a producer not to be missed. 

Hearing Colors is a free download via Abeano/XL Recordings.