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I am extremely excited to finally introduce the first single off Andrew Balasia aka Gracie’s upcoming EP TREEHOUSE. Philly’s next white Prince has been quietly slaving away all summer crafting a signature sound that he plans to introduce to the world early 2012. He’s got some surprises up his sleeve to help build the anticipation in the form of a stellar remix and a fright night of a video that will drop later this month. I stand by my original review of Gracie. Kid is going places.

Read what I said back in June below and listen to his new tune above.

Gracie’s first EP For Summer, a beautiful blend of organic and electronic, with slightly strained vocals, and funk stained beats that tickle the back of your neck with 90’s RnB nostalgia, is really just the tip of the iceberg for Andrew Balasia. So many things come together so perfectly on this EP, it almost feels like it’s wrong.

It’s music that is wise beyond it’s years and drowning in ingenuity. There is so much more to come from this effervescent young artist, that I’m already tripping over my own feet to be first in line to hear what he comes up with next. Lead me down the rabbit hole Gracie…

Though he’s got nothing but love for Absent Fever, the digital label that released his first EP, they will not be putting out Treehouse. Can’t spill the beans on what label is producing his new record just yet, but what I can say is he is in VERY good company. Watch out now.

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