Messy Sparkles Blessings


The lovely fellows of Two Michael Jordans were kind enough to send over their latest mix with all of the new projects they have been working on, along with some classics that they are still diggin’ on. There are so many favorites on this piece, I had a very hard time deciding which track to post. Ultimately, I decided to go with the tropical, pop goodness of Messy Sparkles, cuz you know I’m a sucker for glittery shit, plus it’s Halloween, so it just felt appropriate. MJ MJ even made a sweet guide of all the bands on the mix.

- If you’re into crazy pumped up tropical rave pop check out Messy Sparkles and Tree Hopping - their split will be out in November. 

Dada Trash Collage makes wild, sample heavy experimental pop music.  His last album was produced by the guy who recorded Feels and Sung Tongs.

- Chicago’s Esta Vivo makes smooth, beautiful pop music.  He’s got a low, crooner’s voice that’ll make you swoon.  Think Jack Johnson but not shitty garbage.

Gracie is an electronic pop artist of the chill persuasion.

Catamaran makes heady techno/pop with plenty of deep bass and swelling synths.

Bones is from detroit and I don’t even know how to describe his music.  It’s just amazing.

- If you’re into crisp production and early 90’s inspired beat craft check out Slyy.

M O R O is a wildly experimental pop group from Wisconsin.  This particular track is pretty dark with a thick beat with so many interesting sounds it will make your head spin.

DOWNLOAD Messy Sparkles “New Blessings” HERE.

DOWNLOAD MJ MJ’s "Back In Bizniss" Mixtape for FREE from their Bandcamp HERE.

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