CO-PREMIERE: AURAL BURROWS Gravitron EP Release + mp3

The homie Erik of Housewarming Records sent over his label’s latest release Aural Burrows, that drops today, and I’ve got to say, I’m diggin’ it a whole mess load. The lovely blog Crack in the Road and GITNB have the pleasure of co-premiering this fantastic new release for y’all.

Hailing from San Antonio, TX and initially drawing comparisons to Dirty Beaches and Suicide with his sultry, lofi vocals, washing over shoegaze with a wave of melancholic surf-pop is Tim Brown’s solo project known as Aural Burrows. Heavy guitar riffs layered with ambient synths, and airy reverbed effects on the drums, transport you to a tiny London studio circa 1985. To say Aural Burrows is an update on so many of shoegaze’s superstars is an understatement.

Gravitron is one of those EP’s that makes you want to hop in your convertible with just a guitar and the open road. Go where ever the wind takes you. Stand out tracks are "By Your Side" and "Gravitron." With every listen this EP unfolds more and more. This is one you don’t want to skip.

DOWNLOAD "Gravitron" mp3 HERE.

DOWNLOAD Aural Burows’ Gravitron EP zip file HERE.

Housewarming Records, is also home to IVVVO, Stoner Showers, Jamie Issac, Wealth and Grandpa Was Lion. Check them out HERE.

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