NazcarNation Hot Girls Have It So Easy (Race of Robots Remix)

Peep my budz NazcarNation’s brand new track, the second song in their series of three songs for Fall 2011.  This song’s title is hilariously awesome and just reinforces the playful nature of these boyz. Life’s always a beach with carefree vibes when you’re bumpin’ NazcarNation. Lovin’ this Race of Robots remix. So damn catchy.

The guys of Nazcar have been busy bees working on and playing in their other projects, San Oh, Sea of Cortez, Officer Murphy, and Handshakes that you should definitely check out. Also, stay tuned for a new NazcarNation remix for a dope Enjoyed track, coming soon.

You can get "Hot Girls Have It So Easy" plus the two groovy remixes by Race of Robots and Mokhov from the guys’ bandcamp for free HERE.

NazcarNation | Bandcamp | Facebook | Tumblr

Race of Robots | Bandcamp | Facebook | Tumblr
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