Beth Varden I Can’t Stand (Zola Jesus Cover)


Friends Records 2011 Compilation

Jim and Brett of Balitmore based, Friends Records blew me away with what’s been almost a year long work in progress to collect exclusive or live material from artists on the label, along with some very special guests. Friends Records say the goal of the compilation was to create a time capsule/scene documentation project. The guys say they are hoping to put out a compilation like this every Thanksgiving. What a way to say thanks huh?

With most of the tracks premiering on Thanksgiving day, listeners were introduced to live recordings (Future Islands), brand new tracks making their debut (Weekends, Flock of Dimes, Celebration, etc etc), new bands being introduced (Sri Aurobindo, and Buhloones), unreleased covers (Beth Varden) and some lost unreleased songs like Dustin Wong and Molly Siegel of Ponytail’s 2005 recording, “Untitled.” Stand out tracks for me have been Weekends, Future Islands, Jason Urick, Moss of Aura, Co La, Soft Cat, Beth Varden, Vlonde and Lands and Peoples.

I chose Beth Varden’s cover of Zola Jesus’s “I Can’t Stand” to share with y’all for the simple fact that it’s amazing. It’s a stripped down version, but far from being acoustic. It holds true to the original darkness of the song, but does an overhaul when it comes to production and effects, removing just about all them, and slowing the track down to give it more of an epic feel, that cuts right to your core. 

Look for an upcoming solo release from Beth Varden, and be sure to check out her main project The Violet Hour that also appears on this compilation.

DOWNLOAD Beth Varden’s cover of "I Can’t Stand" HERE.

DOWNLOAD the Friends Records 2011 Compilation for free from their bandcamp.

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