Apparently playing playing their first show ever only weeks ago, according to a Facebook invite for a show at Dude Ranch in Oxford, MS, as the opening act for Youth Lagoon, the “mysterious” new band ILLLS have been kicking up some serious dust in the indie music scene. I stumbled onto this band due to that very Facebook invite continuing to pop up on my page of “Friends Events.” I’m actually curious if Fat Possum sponsored the invite as a publicity stunt. Regardless, this is one instance I’m glad I clicked.

With only two incredible garage-psych songs, wielding a slightly du-wop, pop exuberance, released thus far, I am shakin’ in my boots with anticipation for more tunes.

If the rumors are correct, ILLLS is made up of musicians from local Oxford, MS bands Slow Talk (Steven Ross) and Young Buffalo. Which makes sense as the two songs fall in vein of these bands, along with other Oxford faves Dead Gaze, and Dent May. They sound a bit like Portland’s Nurses too. Whoever they are, this newly forged exploration into southern-soaked, experimental gaze is insanely infectious. Can’t wait to hear more.


ILLLS | Bandcamp | Facebook Invite | Cats Purring

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