The current Facebook skyline extravaganza overhaul is ruining my life, and my Tumblr auto-post skeez. Since I only have six actual Tumblr followers, I have to rely on FB to hook me up with at least ten more followers on a bi-monthly and tri-weekly basis. I can’t do that if that shit doesn’t post.

Also, I think I have a sinus infection, so have been in bed most of the weekend, which gave me just enough time to go slightly insane and post my Top Ten Videos of the Week. I decided to consolidate these vids in one uniformed post for y’all, because I care. That much. Just click the link for the vid you want to watch. Also, please enjoy the pic of me having a Zola Jesus moment. It’s Siri’s fave. Happy Kwanzchanakamis to all.

#10 Thrupence - Stop Using Logic

#9 Beaumont - MIgnight

#8 Koudlam - Alcoholics Hym

#7 Teams & AyGeeTee - Peace Corps of the Mind

#6 Sri Aurobindo - No Coincidence

#5 The Hole Punch Generation - They’re Onto Me

#4 Evans The Death - I’m So Unclean

#3 Yung Life - Breaker

#2 Brothertiger - Lovers

#1 CREEP - Animals (feat. Holly Miranda)

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