Flash Forest Twelve EP Stream

*GITNB’s Acts To Watch in 2012*

Sam Maguire, making chilled out, hip hop influenced sex beats, under the moniker Flash Forest, has something of the Midas Touch. Sexing up all kinds of beats, remixing pop stars, flossing up hip hop classics, and now adding some amorous, love-sick vocals on his latest effort, everything this kid touches just glows. Experimenting with a deadline to drop shit quick, this luscious five song EP, that makes you want to get naked, and well, and love the one you’re with, is the result. Just magical. Oh and one other thing about Flash Forest…

I was really trying to refrain, but I’m just going to come out and say it. Sam Maguire is stupid hot. And not in a, “Man that guy makes sexy music, too band he looks like Steve Buschemi,” kinda way. But in a, “I get wet listening to your music even more now that I know that you look like Julian Casablancas but hotter,” kinda way. Everything about Flash Forest is begging for some 2012 love. You should love him too.

Download the entire Twelve EP for free from his Soundcloud.

Flash Forest | Soundcloud | Facebook

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