This is what $85 Million in funding gets you.

Three suggestions on how to make Tumblr better: (besides the obvious, hire more developers, which is not as easy as it sounds)

  • Tumblr search based on the date/time posted. Instead of scrolling back through the hundreds of gifs, half naked girls, and cupcake pics posted throughout the day, can I just go directly to the posts I missed earlier that day? RSS feeds and archives shouldn’t be the only solution. In general the search feature needs an overhaul. Try searching one of my many posts on Slow Magic in my archives. I promise you will come up a “0 posts found” message.
  • Can I please, for the love of gawd post more than one mp3 a day? I understand legal hang ups all to well, so would happily pay for this service. Just tell me where to Paypal the money.
  • This might be asking too much, but can you create a pause button for my queue? The queue section functions as my combined draft/queue because, well, I never remember the draft folder. When I open up my dashboard, low and behold, my queue is right there ready for me. Just let me pause shit everyone once in a while. Having to delete posts that go out before they are ready sucks.

I love you Tumblr and have been a big supporter from day one, but you’re killing me softly. I hear office space in Hoboken is cheaper. $85 Million should be enough.

Please send hate mail to:

Update: To address these issues Tumblr just rolled out a “Fan mail” feature. Srsly?

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