Glamour Lakes Falls + Roof

I know Chillwave and I broke up, but not everyone can end things cold turkey. You still have that in limbo period where you talk (and if you’re lucky), hook up off an on until you figure out how you really feel. This is one of those days.

If you’re going to give in to chilled out sex beats, it should be Glamour Lakes. With only two tracks released and a pretty elusive online presence, should be interesting to see what else the Australian electronic project has yet to release this year. This is lovely electronic bliss, that I hope is just the start of much more.

As I mentioned in previous posts, the indie music scene in the land down under is on the rise, and one to keep a close eye on. If you dig UK producers Shells and Stay+ (Christian AIDS) Glamour Lakes is in that same vein, and maybe even a little more smoothed out. Great cruisin’ tunes.

Glamour Lakes | Soundcloud | Facebook

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