Fake Flamingo Records: Part 2

Fake Flamingo Recordings puts out quality tunes and doesn’t tell you anything about the artists. You just have to listen to the music and like it for what it is. What a concept. To find out more about FFR read my previous post HERE.

VBZ is a fake band. Let’s just start with that. Complete with great harmonies and a simplicity that made me fall in love with this song almost immediately. This band has got this awesome Americana, feel good vibe that creeps up on you until you realize your lips have curled up around your mouth to form this silly grin. Just when you think it’s too simple, (i.e. Real Estate) they come in with this reverbed guitar, catchy synth and rapsy, cracking vocals. How the fuck did they blend the Eagles and Genesis in just two songs?

I really hope this is actually Lord Huron’s new project with a new singer. Because if it is, great job boys. This is fucking swell. I use the word “swell” because I feel like it’s the 70s and I’m hangin’ on the beach with my friends all the way out in groovy California…except it’s not boring surf pop like the thousands of crap bands that pooped out dream fuzz bullshit this past year.

Totally get what they are going for but unfortunately most people don’t have time to listen to hundreds of anonymous artists in hopes of discovering something new and great. We need that Amazon, “if you like X, you’ll probably like Y” part of music discovery too. Just because an artist draws similarities to fucking Elliot Smith or Spoon doesn’t make them bad, or even unoriginal. Call it what it is. Lana Del Ray backlash is harsh and stings like a mutherfucker.

I posted this song because I enjoyed listening to it. Maybe I’m not part of the majority, but if this song was written by one of the bands mentioned above, and I liked it as much as this one, I would still post it. I’m def not knocking what Fake Flamingo is doing, but I am legit tired of side projects of side projects of side projects under a pseudonym. The people who are actually writing about music, and not just posting to get hits are the ones that go back and really listen and will write about it if it’s good. Keeping your identity a secret isn’t going to change that. Then again, everyone loves a good story. Knowing insider details is what makes the world go round. This rant has gone on long enough, so I will wrap that shit up with this, if you make music and want to share it, fucking do it. There are no rules, nothing is set in stone. Stop listening to the hype. If it’s good, people will listen regardless.

Fake Flamingo Records Website | Bandcamp | Twitter

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