MIXTAPE MONDAYS! How Dre Dre Got Her Groove Back Edition w/Between You and Me’s Mix for Warmer Climes, Granit’s mix for The 405, Peaking Lights mix for Self Titled Mag, and Sewer Greats Volume IV

Not that I ever lost my groove, I just had some real life biz, internet fails and lots of traveling getting in the way of me sitting online for 12 hours a day surfing the netz for some great new tunes. This week’s Mixtape Monday is stacked with all kinds of hawtness, and so this week is sure to be a scorcher. Hope you dig!

Warmer Climes Mix 545 - Jonathan of Between You and Me

So truth be told, Jonathan of Between You and Me is a good friend of mine. Truth also be told, I would never put anything on my blog I didn’t like just because someone is a friend. A lot of my music influences as of late have come from Jonathan, and vice versa, so just had to share his mix for Warmer Climes. If you’re not already, start reading Live For The Funk, he’s one of their writers, and it’s quickly become one of my favorite blogs. He’s also a talented musician. His new project, Between You and Me is this jazzy, electronic experiment that is finally coming into it’s own. I’m a fan, and you should be too. Jonathan’s picks for his WC mix range from Wye Oak, and Oscar + Martin to Miles Davis and Lord Huron. Across the board, but great stuff all around.


The 405’s Plastic Platform - C05 Granit Mix

The UK music outlet, The 405 has a new series every Wednesday where they pick an artist they dig, and ask them to make a little mix to tunes they are really digging. One of their latest mixes comes from instant sensation Granit, out of Barcelona, Spain. Cristina Checa’s description of her mix is priceless (see below), and her selection is noteworthy. It’s really a pleasure to listen to from beginning to end. Franco Battiato, Laurel Halo, Teams, and Peaking Lights are all up in here.

"I’ve selected a dozen songs that i can’t stop listening to while riding my bike at the most strange times of the day. I really get inspired when I cycle down Passeig Sant Joan at full pelt and sometimes I find myself singing out really loud. I like to think that nobody notices that there goes that weird girl on wheels singing, but I can’t help thinking that someday I’ll get run over and killed by a car."


Sewer Greats Volume IV

What can I say? I love me some filthy, sewer dwelling seapunk. Every Sewer Greats mix has been something I can’t deny I have a lot of fun listening to. With each mix there is always some kind of underlying theme, and with the latest mix I’m going to guess the theme is cover songs. With covers of “Just Like Honey,” Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody,” “Sex and Candy,” and offerings from Krusht, Alligator Indian, Coyote Clean Up, Kid A, and lots more. It’s just funky and weird. Have fun for an hour.


Peaking Lights Weird Up 2012 Mix for Self Titled Magazine

Peaking Lights are arguably one of my favorite acts out there right now, so of course I am chomping at the bit to get any insight as to where their influence comes from. This “Weird Up” mix they dropped last week for Self Titled Magazine is just that. The mix really explains their dazed and confused, far out acid trip influences, and then gets funky and freaky with some old school hip hop and funk, before it goes completely off the wall with some shit I don’t even know about.

The way Peaking Lights piece sounds together and allows them to run so deep without losing people with too much of a spaced out stoner vibe is really remarkable. Just great music. This mixtape is a wonderful indication of where those sounds originated. With funk, hip hop, psychedelic, reggae and soul influences, this mix is some great shit.


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