Yalls Real Fantasy

Yalls latest musical concoction premiered last Friday on Earmilk, but I have been lucky enough to get to obsess over this track for months. So of course I am beyond excited Dan Casey has finally dropped this slice of frosted electronic sugary delight on the world.

With squibbles and squeaks, and a xylophone effect that makes you feel all giddy and childlike inside, as if you could skip down the street holding hands with your first love…Kinda like a fantasy come true, a real fantasy. This is one of those feel good tracks, much more on the mellow side in comparison to other Yalls songs we’ve heard thus far. With lyrics filled with infatuation and young love, and when I say “young love,” I’m talking about that middle school, staring at the nape of the neck of girl who sits in front of you in algebra, daydreaming about what it would be like to have your lips pressed against her skin like,

"I was reminded that you twist me through, again and again and again… but if you try real hardddd, I think I can show you, slow down, slow down… real fantasy."

It’s like a Pee Wee Herman inspired love ballad for cool nerds everywhere. I can’t get enough.

Dan also just shot a cool little session for Into The Woods TV, where he plays his tune “Gave Away & Broke,” while in the passenger seat of a moving van. Check out the footage HERE.

Buy Yalls Real Fantasy 7” from Gold Robot Records HERE.

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