Rarebit Running Tangles + Emergence

Justin Hopkins’s Rarebit project dropped his debut full-length album Daizo yesterday and it’s one of the most fascinating, complicated and stunning compositions to emerge from the current electronic scene. It’s a complete body of work that offers so much more as a whole, but can be compartmentalized and broken down into what us simple folk call, “singles.” Noisy percussion breaks through barriers to create a ricochet of beautifully unfamiliar sounds. At times these sounds are methodically delicate arrangements of reverberation and instruments and at other times underground electronic is eradicated from traditional prose by free form jazz expressionism.

Justin and his label, Nonprojects description of the concept behind Daizo and the themes that arise as a result are heavily steeped in ancestry, adding a personable vulnerability to his work that makes this album that much more approachable.

Justin’s work as an artist, on a multitude of levels reminds me of college, when I would spend hours staring at works by Manet, Cezanne, and Degas to works by Krasner, Pollack and Rauschenberg. What I’m getting at is Rarebit’s music is something that needs to be studied. Hanging out casually listening while you FB your crush, send an email and text with friends regarding weekend plans is only going to leave you agitated and confused.

This album is better left for those introspective moments when you think it’s a good idea to buy books like Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now.” Don’t buy that shit. Just listen to something real. For art that moves you takes on this three dimensional element by suddenly becoming tangible. Like a light bulb turning on. After coming back to this album several times over the last month, I finally feel what Hopkins is working to evoke with his art.

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