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I met Brian Simon at an event last year in LA, and it was one of those “ah ha” moments where you are meeting someone you are already a big fan of. In 2011 Nonprojects began emerging as this new collective of experimental electronic artists including Asura, Rarebit, a.d.l.r., and Ana Caravelle, all with so much talent, I almost want to call them ‘elitists without trying,’ but that wouldn’t be fair. They are just students of the arts, living and breathing it everyday in a variety of forms. And Brian Simon, aka Anenon is the mastermind behind it all.

As one of the few Americans chosen to represent the United States at the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy in 2011, in a class that also included, Doom, Clams Casino, Exeter and Brenmar, it’s clear Anenon took that experience and time to learn, grow and perfect his already stand out skills before introducing some next level shit.

"This Is What I Meant" opens up like the clouds parting ways for a sunlight horizon of blue skies and the bright of day to break through.  With flawless production, the track continues to build like a car chasing that same horizon down an empty highway early in the morning. It creates a feeling of being content just being in the moment that very instance. This jam is no doubt a prelude to something great. It’s really an intended teaser of a track, and an introduction to Anenon’s work. Simon paints a fantastically exciting picture of what’s to come from his music, as he prepares to drop two albums over the new few months. This offering it only the first single from his debut full length Inner Hue, which drops 5/1.

At the end of this month, Anenon will release his five song EP Acquiescence, which he recorded at Matadero Madrid, while in Spain at the RBMA, that will act as the companion piece to Inner Hue. Be check to look out for both releases.

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