Secret Mountains Winter Sessions + Converse Rubbertracks Studio Session

One of the most underrated acts of 2011, Secret Mountains are finally getting some much deserved recognition. Secret Mountains were invited to spend the weekend at Converse’s super hip Rubber Tracks Studios in Brooklyn, and three beautifully produced tracks for their Winter Sessions release was the result. 

Secret Mountains are one of those acts with really incredible recordings that aren’t out-shined by their live show, instead the band breaths a sultry, smoke-filled psychedelic life into them. It’s really amazing to listen to their album and then see them live. It’s one of those “Ah-ha” moments where you knew you liked them before, and now everything just came full circle.  These guys are absolutely, without a doubt an act you should not miss when they hit your city. The band’s next show is April 7th at Mercury Lounge supporting Psychic Ills and Night Beats. Do it up NYC.

Watch the band messing around during the recording of the single that landed them on Pitchfork, “Weepy Little Fingers” below.

Get Secret Mountains Winter Sessions from Friends Records bandcamp HERE.

Secret Mountains | Website | Facebook

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