Prince Innocence Girls + Shells + Night People

Combine Blondie influences that are sure to make you shiver, the best part of Blouse, (the effects) a pop diva vibe reminiscent of Class Actress, then make it real dark and glamy and you get Prince Innocence. This is that dark, synthtastic Brooklyn hipster club vibe bands like Selebrities are going for. Except Prince Innocence nailed it. Any party these guys play just got that much cooler. Talk about dance like everyone is watching.

Prince Innocence’s music walks the line of synth pop and draggy shoegaze, that is not overly complex by any means, but the way they blend genres and layer their sound is disturbingly captivating.

I’ve been looking for a soundtrack to my next, “Fuck this is so bad, but you’re so hawt, let’s get fucked up and naked and trash this hotel room,” escapade. Thanks to Prince Innocence and their Nine Inch Nailsesque, super dark duet “Night People,” I think I’ve found it.

Oh and p.s. The more you listen, the more you hear the Little Dragon qualities in Talvi Faustmann’s vocals. So hawt.

Prince Innocence | Soundcloud | Facebook

(via PonyDanceClyde)

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