Young Magic Drawing Down The Moon Video + Galapagoose/S. Maharba Remixes

It’s no secret I am kind of obsessed with the electronic, experimental trio that goes by the name Young Magic. Taking cues from all over the world to build an album that has a cultural melting pot vibe infused with some of the most creative drums rhythms, harmonies, samples and beats to ever grace your ears, I felt it necessary to once again highlight this band and the creative releases they are producing. 

Since releasing their debut album Melt in March, Young Magic has released a handful of videos and a stellar remix EP with contributions by some of the most promising electronic artists in the scene right now. The two remixes that were instant stand outs for me were produced by London’s S. Maharba and Australia’s Galapagoose.

Galapagoose & Wooshie’ “Helium Flip” is picked apart and jagged, with droned the fuck out vocals and effects that make you feel like the equilibrium has been blown out of proportion. This is such a unique approach that sounds nothing like Young Magic’s version of “You With Air,” yet maintains the trademark qualities that characterize Young Magic’s sound. It’s a trip in true This Thing fashion and I’m loving it.

S.Maharba takes the opposite approach delicately smoothing out Young Magic’s heavy  “Night In The Ocean” and slows it way down making you feel like you are floating across the night sky overlooking a massive ocean below. You can actually feel the cool air rippling across your face as welcomed chills run up your spine. Sexy is an understatement.

I know this video isn’t a remix but my guess is most of you reading this didn’t buy Young Magic’s debut album Melt, so haven’t heard the incredible tracks not available for stream or download. I put one in my "Dance Like Everyone’s Watching" Bonus Mix. Ssshhhhhhh. Yesterday Young Magic released a video for “Drawing Down The Moon.” One of their lighter, more euphoric feeling tracks with a big tribal bass vibe to it.

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