Dreams Don’t Care Bout Her + Bloodsport featured on Rustie’s Essential Mix

LA phenomenon, Dreams has been making waves in all kinds of indie scenes his the debut of his first EP Feeling 4 U last October. Since that release Dreams sound and status have evolved into a name to take seriously, gaining recognition and support from local labels Absent Fever, 6BIT Collective and JAXART…and now Rustie. Song #2 on the latest BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix is Dreams’ hard hitter, ‘Bloodsport,’ a track that has had the underground music obsessed tripping over themselves since it dropped.

The 20 year old producer has a knack for creating moody electronic jams with a smooth darkness of a seasoned vet. For coming out of Los Angeles, Dreams really has a UK bass/dance vibe with 80s inspired, RnB heavy samples that get real funky and make you want to shake whatever it is your mama gave ya. Dreams latest tracks have taken that life of the party dance vibe once step further by adding even more breaks and a spaced out futuristic undertone reminiscent of acts like Com Truise and Ford & Lopatin.

Dreams has proven he can roll with the big boys by carving out a unique sound with chameleon-like versatility making him a favorite across a variety of genre and niche music outlets. Once you take a listen, it’s not hard to understand why. Check out Dreams’ brand new track ‘Don’t Care Bout Her,’ part of the Generation Y Not Compilation.

DOWNLOAD “Don’t Care Bout Her” HERE.

Dreams | Souncloud | Facebook

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