Motion Studies Hearts Will Beat + Kalimba

Motion Studies’s first offering is definitely just that. What this three song EP lacks in cohesiveness, it makes up for in versatility. Opening up the EP with some smooth RnB undertones, heavy piano notes, auto-tune? and muted percussion crashes all strung together and accentuated by a groove-worthy electronic bassline, Motion Stufies are able to create the perfect indie dance jam in just about five minutes. Then the mood completely shifts. “In White” is this electronic version of Pink Floyd’s The Wall (but with female vocals) in the vein of acts like Crystal Castles and TRUST. I hope this is them just banking on a trend, and not something they continue to pursue.

Finally Motion Studies closes the EP out with their stand out track “Kalimba.”  Jazzy beats, whizzing samples that snap and pop behind Tyler’s vocal prose joined by Emma for a chorus surrounded by sax samples, cymbals, percussion and beats all building a wild but controlled whirlwind of sound. “Kalimba” has LCD Soundsystem is written all over this jam. Fuck it. We all have our idols. Plus this gen is all about that new new. And this new is real fun.

Get Motion Studies EP for free from their Bandcamp HERE.

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