Paradis Hémisphère (Video)

The only reason I know anything about Beats in Space and Tim Sweeney is because I made out with him at a Hollywood Hills party a few summers ago. This is super embarrassing and lame, but I’ve been a huge fan of his show, and musical prowess ever since. Beats in Space latest release come from French duo Paradis that create these lovely electronic filled pop tunes with slinking underlying disco vibes that roll off your shoulder as you sway to the beat. Paradis are pros at building a seven minute masterpiece and making it seem effortless.

I”m still playing catch up and have been meaning to post this for a while, and just realized Pitchfork already did it for me, but FUCK IT. The ability to make a track flutter like an anxious heartbeat is truly an art. “Hémisphère” is too insanely beautiful in a caught up in the summer moment, the light hits her face just right, or maybe I’m just drunk kind of way, to not share. The video above captures that feeling all too well.

Paradis 12” with “Hémisphère” and “Je m’ennuie” drops 5/22 on vinyl and 5/29 digitally via Beats in Space Records, pre-order HERE.

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