I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Shigeto’s live performance on numerous occasions, and every time I am blown away at the amount of passion, and raw talent the young jazz musician and producer possesses. With a style crafted around precision and the blending of new and old styles, Shigeto turns anything he touches to gold, this guest mix is no exception. Shigeto says “this mix is a bunch of new remixes and a whole bunch of homies as well.” Including some unreleased gems, and hot new beats from up and coming talent.

Since clicking on the cerebral fondling, expansive blend of Shitego creations made exclusively for BTS Radio yesterday, it’s all I’ve been listening to. From the opening Shigeto rework of Soosh’s “Always” to Raja and Trees, Shigeto’s absolutely insane remix of Evenings’ “Babe” to Project Mooncircle’s Sweatson Klank’s latest that slide into stunning unreleased Devenwho and Shitgeto tracks then straight smack dab into a stupid dope Zack Christ track from early 2011, and then comes the killer Kyson track I’ve never heard. It’s like daaaaannngggg Shigeto, way to work the middle. Finally he closes that shit down with a track I’ve seen on more mixes than I can count Time Warp’s “YrLyf” and Marley Carrol’s “R&S.” Whew.

Soosh - Always (Shigeto Remix)
Placeholder - Feel Better
A Setting Sun (feat. Shigeto) - Rising Sun Over Smiling Lovers
Kodomo - Disappearing Light (Shigeto Remix)
Raja - Vapor Trails
Dennis Coffey (feat. Mayer Hawthorne) - All Your Goodies Are Gone (Shigeto Remix)
Trees - Exodus (Rising)
Evenings - Babe (Shigeto Remix)
Queen Orlenes - Bones (Shigeto Remix)
Sweatson Klank - In Between
Sweatson Klank - Own
Raja - He Won’t Pay Me
Devonwho - Wild
Ichiro - _El Duke
Shigeto - Untitled/Unreleased
Zack Christ - Koofpoin Low
Kyson - Dragon Years
REKchampa (feat. Brea) - Collapsin’
Time Warp - YrLyf
REKchampa - Bartenders Theme
Cokiyu - Drag the Beast (Shigeto Remix)
Marley Carrol - R&S

Download the hour plus of electronic goodness for free HERE.

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