Shag What’s Bad About Feeling Good? + Distance

One of my favorite acts of 2012 no doubt. Such a fan of this kid. One of the most promising young beatmakers on the scene right now, and I’ll give you three reasons why:

1. Bob42jh has been repping him since day 1. Always trust Bob42jh.

2. He managed to take those original soul tracks the hip hop greats were sampling a decade ago, and reinvent them.  

3. Beats About People is fluttering flecks of gold glinted beats floating through the air in slow motion drifting through hip hop of yesteryear with a soul drenched ferocity, all the while, throbbing and twinkling perfectly in-sync as these sounds drift off into the ether. 

So much more coming up from Shag. This post is just a reminder to stay tuned…

Shag | Bandcamp | Facebook

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