Phony Ppl Told You So. + Cop Scame.

GITNB’s Acts To Catch at CMJ 2012: Phony Ppl 


CMJ 2012 is all about the underground hip hop this year. With crews from East to West including Haleek Maul, ASAP Ty Beats, Curtain$, Flatbush Zombies, Cities Aviv and loads more making an appearance at this year’s fest, it’s going to be a jam-packed year for beat makers and lyricists to bring the heat to a fest that is usually swarming with mediocre indie rock acts.

Literally #1 on my list of hip hop acts to check out is Phony Ppl, who are going all in with one fucking show next week. Ugh. Fine, you win, I’ll go to a Theophilus London show to see you guys. Floating around mysteriously on the netz since 2009 with ties to Odd Future, turning up in Urban Outfitters Fall catalog, oh and did I mention they are signed with Cara Morris at CAA? Clearly, I’m not the first to discover the crew’s infectiously smooth blend of hip hop, soul, jazz and RnB and probably closest thing to that 90s-era hip hop I’ve been clawing at the depths of the internet for. But Phony Ppl rely on more than nostalgia to keep your head bobbing, think The Roots and D’Angelo foundations but with the playfulness energy of a far less starved for attention, Odd Future…except these kids went to NYU. Polished just enough for a mainstream audience, but such soulful (and solid) lyrical prowess that no matter how entrenched in the underground you are, you can’t help but keep listening. I don’t think any of this happened by accident, (If you catch my drift). Regardless, I’m heading to the Gramercy Theater next Saturday to find out. 

If you are in NYC next week, go see Phony Ppl.

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