Groundislava Pregaming The Rapture

Notice how a new artist called “Grounds Saliva”, “Grounds is lava” “Groundislava…some fucking weird name that no one is ever going to get right (kind of like mine), has been getting a lot of heat as if late?

Well when I first heard Groundislava’s recordings, I was like "Just what we need, another synth reliant, electronic project with an 80’s vibe and bird samples." That was until I saw his live set last Saturday…

The classic movie Grease comes to mind when describing what the talented Jasper Patterson is all about. “It’s electrifying!  “(Andriana), you better shape up, cuz you need Groundislava…better shape up, to my heart I must be true”…you get the point.

In a small cafe (Lot 1) for a crowd of artists, musicians, friends and fans, this guy threw out some of the illest synth-tastic beats Los Angeles has heard in a while. This kid is about to take over the world with his energy-infused take on “lofi” music. Best make sure you’re on his side when it happens.

Synthafy my life Groundislava, synthafy my life…

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