In Case You Missed It Over The Weekend…

A friend and I drove to San Francisco over the weekend to visit my old stomping grounds. Of course our road trip wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Harris Ranch (to go pee and buy snacks).

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The Unfound schools Gluttony Is The New Black with some tasty new tunes from Glowbug

Pregaming the Rapture with Ground Is Lava

Pajama People's track Handmedown will leave you feeling used and abused…and kind of turned on

Watch Will Ferrell tell Zach Galifinakis about managing dance teams, his love of lunch, fresh cherries and then they make out

Your new favorite 8tracks mix: Young Moons, Ghosts + Glittery, Sparkly Things

Sexy new video for Manchester’s Airship

Portland sweethearts Radiation City sign to Tender Loving Empire and make a Kickstarter that involves landscaping, homemade cookies and cool artwork

Brian Brissart’s new project Bigcolour got the weekend started with their pop-tastic jam Playing Puzzles

Gluttony Is The New Black

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