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SXSBest Week Ever: Diary of Indie’s Favorite Party Girl SXSW 2012 Wrap Up: Friday

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11am - 3pm Hung over as fuck sleeping at the Hot n’ Ready House, after waking up at a weird apartment with books about drive-bys and pics of kids with guns.

ND House Presented by The Windish Agency Official Night Showcase
Acts I Saw: 1,2,3, Tanlines, Free Energy, Maps & Atlases
Party Favors: SXSW Survival Packs with earplugs, M&M’s, lube, + more for $3, opposite of free booze, Jameson from the liquor store we pounded outside before we went in
Voice %: screaming whisper
Highlights: 1,2,3 not sucking, Tanlines being awesome in every way possible including a jean on jean outfit, Free Energy sucking (so hard)

Hype Hotel Curated by I Guess I’m Floating
Acts I Saw: White Rabbits, Lower Dens, Neon Indian
Party Favors: I gave in and ate like 10 Doritos flavored Taco Bell “Locos” Tacos- they were good, so much free booze in the blogger lounge
Voice %: screaming whisper getting stronger with every Advil I swallow
Highlights: Lower Dens, all my friends at the blogger lounge, meeting one of my favorite bloggers, Nialler9 in person

Hot n’ Ready slices consumed: 3-5
Taco Bell Products consumed: at least 4 tacos
Party favors: Drinks of all varieties, advil, coffee
Highlights: Tanlines, Lower Dens, Doritos Taco Bell Locos Tacos
Top Quotes:
“I always wonder why candy companies bother making gross flavors like green. What flavor is that? Forest?”
“Tanlines are so hip. This mutherfucker is wearing jean on jean and still looks cool.”
“Free Energy sucks”
“When you are a blog and you are rude to others bloggers, we hate you forever. #FYI