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WaxPoetics DOPE Digital Cassette December 2012 Side A

This is so dope. Lol. But, like, fa reals.


“Models Can’t Fuck” - Young Whisper
“Casanova. (Radio Single).” - Denitia & Sene
“Sour Times (Portishead Cover) - Cheri Coke
“Home” - Kiah Victoria
“Bend Out” - Young Voice

They make this shit look easy.

Last Night Was Legendary x WaxPoetics 



The Live Show: Six Acts to Catch In 2012 

I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic. The live show. Does it still matter? With so many, many bedroom projects that never (physically) see the light of day, but produce these incredible recordings, I can’t help but feel a bit cheated when they actually do emerge and can’t live up to the hype. All of the bands below are serious performers that really wow’d me with their live show.

Also, in case your not into 24/7 chilled out sex beats and streaming flows of consciousness, here are the six acts I really enjoyed in 2011 and have a hunch will be doing big things in 2012, with special emphasis being placed on their live performance, which for me, makes all the difference.

NO The New Zealand born, now Echo Park based five-piece band, that immediately draws similarities to The National, have played only a handful of live shows, but impressing the right people just about every time causing quite a bit of buzz in Los Angeles already. To walk into a venue and see the 8:30pm opener opener perform the way these guys do is really something. Extremely talented musicians and performers.

NO | Website | Facebook


Having only a few singles out despite making a number of year end lists as well as NME’s ‘100 New Bands for 2012,’ Abadabad has already picked up a remix by Keep Shelly in Athens in addition for opening for them in Boston and NYC, and will be opening for King Krule this Friday, all of this of course building up to their anticipated album release this spring. They are the closest thing we will get to the Beach Boys, with a southern pureness that is so infectious, it hurts not to love them.

Abadabad | Bandcamp | Facebook

Lands & Peoples Lands & Peoples - Everyday (Live at the Metro Gallery) by Gluttony Is The New Black

The once foursome, for the time being, duo of Caleb Moore and Beau Cole really have 2012 wrapped around their little finger. These guys have some serious lungs on them, and bring a luscious vintage rock feel, that they create so effortlessly by weaving beautiful harmonies and an intricate array of instruments, into a sound that is so powerful, it actually moves you. With one of the most powerful live shows out there right now, once L&P’s album (due out on Everybody Taste’s Analog Edition Records just about any day now), expect to hear their name buzzing all over the place.

Lands & Peoples | Bandcamp | Facebook

Radiation City Having already opened for Youth Lagoon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., being named one of the acts to catch at CMJ 2011, landing countless features, along with a stellar Daytrotter Session and signing to Portland indie label Tender Loving Empire, it’s safe to say, this band is only going to get bigger. In sports they say you’re only as strong as your weakest member, well this band doesn’t have a weak link. Bringing this vintage, bossa nova lounge sound revival, with a live act that will melt your soul, Radiation City are here to stay.

Radiation City | Website | Facebook


With only two incredible garage-psych songs, wielding a slightly du-wop, pop exuberance, released thus far, I am shakin’ in my boots with anticipation for more tunes. If the rumors are correct, ILLLS is made up of musicians from local Oxford, MS bands Slow Talk (Steven Ross) and Young Buffalo. Which makes sense as the two songs fall in vein of these bands, along with other Oxford faves Dead Gaze, and Dent May. They sound a bit like Portland’s Nurses too. Whoever they are, this newly forged exploration into southern-soaked, experimental gaze is insanely infectious.

ILLLS | Bandcamp


I have to admit, I wasn’t sold on this band based on their recordings alone, but once I was nestled into my chair at their live show, I was blown away. They really shouldn’t be on this list, as they recently signed to French Kiss Records, but with only a handful of songs released, and about a 1,000 Facebook fans, more people need to know about Races. Their live show is an experience in complexity. So many pieces coming together to create a rich sound with so much depth. Plus having a hot girl front and center never hurts.

Races | Bandcamp | Facebook

Honorable Mentions: Acts that are on the cusp, and there is no doubt that will be big, they just need the timing to be just right.

Nick Waterhouse, Fidlar, Secret Mountains, Pure Bathing Culture, Fantasy Island, Cuckoo Chaos, Holiday Shores, Stay Cool Forever

Please Note: This list is not complete as I live in a bubble and can’t/won’t ever be able to read the entire internet. Just some thoughts on what’s to come in 2012.

Xiu Xiu Dear God I Hate Myself

Purge yourself of 2011 and make room for an amazing 2012! Happy New Years Eve and thanks for a great year.