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Dreams Don’t Care Bout Her + Bloodsport featured on Rustie’s Essential Mix

LA phenomenon, Dreams has been making waves in all kinds of indie scenes his the debut of his first EP Feeling 4 U last October. Since that release Dreams sound and status have evolved into a name to take seriously, gaining recognition and support from local labels Absent Fever, 6BIT Collective and JAXART…and now Rustie. Song #2 on the latest BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix is Dreams’ hard hitter, ‘Bloodsport,’ a track that has had the underground music obsessed tripping over themselves since it dropped.

The 20 year old producer has a knack for creating moody electronic jams with a smooth darkness of a seasoned vet. For coming out of Los Angeles, Dreams really has a UK bass/dance vibe with 80s inspired, RnB heavy samples that get real funky and make you want to shake whatever it is your mama gave ya. Dreams latest tracks have taken that life of the party dance vibe once step further by adding even more breaks and a spaced out futuristic undertone reminiscent of acts like Com Truise and Ford & Lopatin.

Dreams has proven he can roll with the big boys by carving out a unique sound with chameleon-like versatility making him a favorite across a variety of genre and niche music outlets. Once you take a listen, it’s not hard to understand why. Check out Dreams’ brand new track ‘Don’t Care Bout Her,’ part of the Generation Y Not Compilation.

DOWNLOAD “Don’t Care Bout Her” HERE.

Dreams | Souncloud | Facebook

Caves Eleven Twenty + 1993 Video

Take Mount Kimbie clicks, Burial wishes and trumpet flavored samples, combined with a voice that sounds much more developed for only eighteen years and you get this baby boo out of Los Angeles that goes by the name Caves. He’s got these animated lyrics, pleading with you to “Please figure it out … I wonder if you would tell the truth,” in this dramatic yet whimsical, Guys and Dolls kind of way. You almost feel like you’re watching an old black and white tv show where every other word is made into a song. Wait….did I just describe Glee? Fuck. Sorry Luka, but I can totally see it. Except your music doesn’t suck.

Watch the video for Caves’ track “1993” below. Really slick tune with a lot of UK underground electronic influence, and what could almost be a sultry female lounge singer’s voice, but it works even better with male vocals. Love when the guitar comes in too. I can’t say enough about this tune. It’s catchy in such an unconventional sense that it almost catches you off guard when you realize how much you like.

I didn’t watch the video because my ADD has rendered my attention span pretty much worthless, but it’s a Jessie Treece vid, so I’m sure it’s swell. At the very least, open a new tab and let the track play. Well worth the listen.

I also want to note that I love what Absent Fever has done in terms of becoming this incubator for some really great unknown acts, artists like It is rain in my face., Gracie, and Birkwin Jersey. Acts that just needed a little push when it comes to self promotion and getting the ball rolling. Y’all are doing great things for the emerging music community, so many thanks.

Get Caves EP When You We’re Partying, I Was Dying via Absent Fever’s Bandcamp.

Caves | Soundcloud | Twitter


#2 Sobrenadar Finales

Absent Fever puts out such quality releases, and their latest is no exception. This vid is an introduction to Argentinian artist Paula Garcia’s solo project, Sobrenadar. Do yourself a favor and download her EP. It’s fascinating work, that I am really enjoying. Latin American lofi is my weakness.

Sobrendar | Bandcamp | Facebook | Soundcloud

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It is rain in my face. Eye Weight

New jazzy little number from experimental side stepper, It is rain in my face., featuring some stunning falsetto and ultra smooth, finger snap worthy beats. Great way to get all funky on that weekend.

Earlier this year, Brooklyn based artist Matt Jones recording under It is rain in my face. released the superb Wishbone EP via digital label Absent Fever. It’s one of my favorite EP’s of 2011. If you don’t have it, download it for free HERE.

Check out more It is rain in my face. via Bandcamp | Vimeo | Soundcloud

P.S. Did I mention this cat just dropped a stupid fresh new album TODAY for his side project Pressed And? This guy is just begging to be harassed. Don’t sleep.

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Dreams Our Theme Song

First day of CMJ was unreal. Thank you to all the bands and everyone who came out for my first showcase. So much fun. Just like the latest release from Absent Fever.

I suck at blogging today cuz I’m overwhelmed with CMJness, but all I can say is, if you don’t hate fun you will dig this Dreams. Big time. Watch the video for “Feelings 4 U” below. Party on Wayne.

DOWNLOAD "Our Them Song" HERE.


Get Dream’s entire EP from Absent Fever’s Bandcamp.

Birkwin Jersey Time Doesn’t Exist Clocks Do EP Stream + mp3 download

Three months after the first release from digital label Absent Fever, and I’m still obsessed. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon just yet, now you can stream and download (most of) the entire EP from Birkwin Jersey’s Soundcloud. I included a super dope remix that Birkwin did for Wonder Bear, for ya below.

DOWNLOAD ”Wonder Bear VO79 (Birkwin Jersey Remix)” HERE.

Check out Birkwin Jersey’s profile over at Absent Fever’s Bandcamp HERE.

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Kynan Sun Go Away

San Diego’s Joel Williams just dropped some crazy experimental noise pop, that tickles your funny bone and makes your ears perk up. KYNAN’s echoing trembles barrel through you like an ocean wave covering you in salty reverb along with some weird ass kelp shit, that kind of freaks you out, until you realize it’s just kelp and nothing to be scared of. There’s a feeling of uncertainty coupled with an awkward continuity to KYNAN’s sound, just like the weird ass kelp, that you’ll really enjoy on this album. Don’t be a spaz, just embrace it and let it take you.


Snag KYNAN’s entire EP Garbage Beach for free from the swell kids at Absent Fever HERE.

P.S. In case you didn’t know, Kynan is the brother of indie’s favorite shit starter Nathan Williams of Wavves.

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Gracie Bones

Gracie’s first EP For Summer, a beautiful blend of organic and electronic, with slightly strained vocals, and funk stained beats that tickle the back of your neck with 90’s RnB nostalgia, is really just the tip of the iceberg for Andrew Balasia. So many things come together so perfectly on this EP, it almost feels like it’s wrong.

It’s music that is wise beyond it’s years and drowning in ingenuity. There is so much more to come from this effervescent young artist, that I’m already tripping over my own feet to be first in line to hear what he comes up with next. Lead me down the rabbit hole Gracie…

Oh yeah, I hear he’s playing some Yvynyl shows in Philly in July and August too. Holler at cha ya boy.

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