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Bleep x Sonar 2012 - Exclusive MP3 Give-Away

With Sonar Festival Barcelona about to pop off they decided to have Bleep curate a 4 track EP made up of tracks from some of this year’s festival faves. If you’re like me and sadly won’t be attending the fest, Bleep hooked you up with exclusive downloads of all the tracks from the artists including Amon Tobin, Thundercat, Lapalux, Om Unit and Nightwave. The only catch is you have less than 24 hours to download that shit before it’s gone, so get to clicking.

So these tracks aren’t brand new, but rather they embody a level of talent that all of these artists have risen to, hence why they are playing fantastic festivals like Sonar. Pretty sweet.

Download the entire 4-track EP HERE.

Shortcircles Iwishthatyouwould(pleaseloveme)

Daaaaaaaaannng. Oakland, CA is bringin’ the heat. Shortcircles have been making some of the dopest bliss-hop beats to grace my ears this year, and their latest creation just took them to another level. Chilled out hip hop and RnB samples with jazzy drums, all layered to create a soothing gem of a sound, that like the song sayz, will make you wish that you would love me…

Created for the Bleep: Filtered - An unsigned competition and compilation in association with Warp Records, SoundCloud and Transition Mastering. There are a slew of dope undiscovered artists participating in this competition. To find out more, head over to Bleep’s website.

Check out the rest of Shortcircles bangers on their Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages.

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