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Caves Eleven Twenty + 1993 Video

Take Mount Kimbie clicks, Burial wishes and trumpet flavored samples, combined with a voice that sounds much more developed for only eighteen years and you get this baby boo out of Los Angeles that goes by the name Caves. He’s got these animated lyrics, pleading with you to “Please figure it out … I wonder if you would tell the truth,” in this dramatic yet whimsical, Guys and Dolls kind of way. You almost feel like you’re watching an old black and white tv show where every other word is made into a song. Wait….did I just describe Glee? Fuck. Sorry Luka, but I can totally see it. Except your music doesn’t suck.

Watch the video for Caves’ track “1993” below. Really slick tune with a lot of UK underground electronic influence, and what could almost be a sultry female lounge singer’s voice, but it works even better with male vocals. Love when the guitar comes in too. I can’t say enough about this tune. It’s catchy in such an unconventional sense that it almost catches you off guard when you realize how much you like.

I didn’t watch the video because my ADD has rendered my attention span pretty much worthless, but it’s a Jessie Treece vid, so I’m sure it’s swell. At the very least, open a new tab and let the track play. Well worth the listen.

I also want to note that I love what Absent Fever has done in terms of becoming this incubator for some really great unknown acts, artists like It is rain in my face., Gracie, and Birkwin Jersey. Acts that just needed a little push when it comes to self promotion and getting the ball rolling. Y’all are doing great things for the emerging music community, so many thanks.

Get Caves EP When You We’re Partying, I Was Dying via Absent Fever’s Bandcamp.

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