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MY 2013 SXSW Wrap Up: #FOMO and Loathing @ the Music Festival


Here’s the version of my wrap up that didn’t make onto The Line Of Best Fit. Photos by Tonje Thilesen.

A trip to Austin’s infamous South By Southwest festival is not complete without experiencing a set of extreme emotions - from the disappointment at missing a set or not getting into your party of choice, catching surprise guest performances, free swag you actually want and the IRL hangs with online pals. SXSW has become about much more than just music, it’s become a showcase of your culture. What your outlet, be it a label, booking agency, clothing brand, or Taco Bell represents on a larger scale. Where you choose to sit says a lot about where you stand. The below wrap up includes a mix of music, parties and showcases in an attempt to summarize the best moments of a seriously intense week. 


For reasons still unknown to modern man, Wednesday’s party itinerary happens to be the most stacked day of SXSW this year. With amazing line-ups and events spanning Austin’s dusty concrete plains, I manage to take in a good mix of it all without feeling like I’ve just run a marathon without proper training (not recommended).

Music website Pretty Much Amazing - along with Danger Village PR - host a free day-party that includes green Danger Village tote-bag survival kits, packed with boxes of delicious Vita Coco Cafe Latte drinks (they tasted like coffee and the milk after you eat Cocoa Pebbles), chapstick and more.

While I down as many coconut waters as I can to avoid the impending hangover, I’m treated to a performance by Brooklyn’s Empress Of. Recently signed to Double Demin and having played their first show ever only last October, singer Lorely Rodriguez garners a sweetly earnest performance that’s captivating in such a pleasantly surprising way. Delicate harmonies looped on-the-fly dance across wailing synths and sexy guitar riffs, as the crowd sways along to her words. In any other circumstance this setup might come across as lackluster but Lorely’s innocent charm and earthly vocals marry all of the pieces of this live set together wonderfully.

The highly anticipated Megablaag event, hosted by blogs Ears of the Beholder and Yvynyl - along with music discovery site Exfm - kick off on Wednesday with a private two-hour open bar, music/tech mixer. The party flows from the inner bar and DJ area of Lipstick 24 to the back patio where guests groove to DJ sets by San Francisco producer Giraffage, and producer/drummer/singer, Jeremy Malvin aka Chrome Sparks.

Though just a DJ set, the rising producer-to-watch plays a smokin’ upbeat mix of new and old tunes, as well as tracks from his fantastic, recently released Sparks EP that has the crowd buzzing off more than just the free alcohol.

As the open bar comes to a close and the larger part of the venue opens up for acts Autre Nu Veut, High Highs, Alex Bleeker and the Freaks and more, the party overflows with music fans and industry folks alike looking to catch some great acts while mingling with the people writing about them for your favourite sites.

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Chrome Sparks Send The Pain

Finally dropped this one. <3


One of our favorite acts of 2011, Chrome Sparks is back with a fantastic new track that melds vocals snippets and synthy organ effects, along with an infectious TheTemptations sample. The new single is the first track off an forthcoming EP dropping very soon. 2013 is looking very bright. Take a listen now!

SXSBest Week Ever: Diary of Indie’s Favorite Party Girl SXSW 2012 Wrap Up: Thursday (G.R.E.A.M. Gummies Rule Everything Around Me)

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Eventbrite Brunch SXSW 2012:
Acts I Saw: Alpine, EOTB (dj set) Dana Buoy
Party Favors: Free full brunch, free mimosas, bloody’s, coffee, photobooth, free massages
Voice %: 50%
Highlights: Alpine was fucking great- so much chemistry and charisma, running into Miami Horror/Gold Room’s manager Jerry Soer, Lambert’s is a dope space, getting tipsy before noon on free booze, overall the intimate party was a lot of mellow fun and the perfect way to ease into a crazy fucking day

Motorola Cafe @ Moonshine Grill
Acts I Interviewed: Wild Belle, Penguin Prison
Party Favors: Cafe lunch items, free Zico Coconut water bar, open bar, free swag
Voice: 50%
Highlights: Getting to interview both acts. Penguin Prison answering my question “Explain Twitter to your Grandparents” and Wild Belle telling me about their blogger friends Awesome Tapes From Africa, so much free shit

Hype Hotel Curated by Aquarium Drunkard
Acts I Saw: The Orwells, Futurebirds, Future Unlimited (interview)
Party Favors: free Tito’s vodka and whatever mixer they gave me
Voice %: 50 (maybe)
Highlights: The Orwells are like twelve and a half, Futurebirds are always great, hanging with Future Unlimited’s manager, blogger E.J. Friedman of Loudersoft, interviewing Future Unlimited- they are going to blow up

Death & Taxes East End Party
Acts I saw: Dan Deacon
Party Favors: ate delicious tacos while I listened to Dan get insane
Voice %: trying not to talk at this point
Highlights: Eating

EOTB & Yvynyl Present: MEGABLAAG
Acts I Saw: Beat Connection, Supreme Cuts (dj set?), Snowmine (dj set), Ghibli (dj), Hooray For Earth
Party Favors: 3 ziplocks of vodka soaked gummy bears, so many Jameson shots
Voice %: 40-50%
Highlights: All of the awesome blogger friends I got to hang with, licking gummies off Chrome Sparks face, Hooray for Earth interview and live set, the entire night was amazing but the Gummy Bears are the real star, (finding out later Carles of HRO was at the party and used a pic of Ghibli djing for his #SXSW #VIP post)

Hype Hotel Curated by Gorilla vs Bear x Yours Truly
Don’t remember any of it so it doesn’t really count

Daily Recap:
Hot n’ Ready slices consumed: 0 (too drunk and went home with a sketchy band dude, sex was absolutely involved)
Taco Bell Products consumed: 1 (probably lying to myself and 5 is more realistic)
Party favors: Drinks of all varieties, vodka gummies, shots, very little food
Voice %: 40
Highlights: Alpine at Eventbrite, interviews, MEGABLAAG
Top Quotes:
"I want to live on diarrhea planet" - Carter from Futurebirds
“Heading to the Boiler Room for a bit so I can dance awkwardly on the internet.”
“Hype Hotel is bumpin’, staring at Matt Pinfield.”
“Hits from the Blaaaaaagggg”

SXSBest Week Ever: Diary of Indie’s Favorite Party Girl SXSW 2012 Wrap Up: Wednesday

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Forcefield/Terrorbird Media SXSW Day Party
Acts I Saw: White Arrows, Young Magic, Korallreven, Tycho
Party favors: Free PBR, not free gin and sodas
Voice %: 68
Highlights: all the bands, Daniel Gill from Forcefield, hang outs with: Dangervillage, SF Critic, my house crew, White Arrows, Youth Lagoon, Cloud Nothings and Old Flame Records, meeting the guy that runs Polyvinyl, impromptu photo shoot for my column in The 405.

Eventbrite Arcade SXSW Day Party
Bands I Saw: Charlift, Young Magic
Party Favors: Free hard alcohol and beer, food…somewhere???
Voice %: holding strong at 65%
Highlights: Performances, hanging out with Beat Connection and hot drummer from Young Magic, getting some hang time with Justin Gage of Aquarium Drunkard, playing foosball with Dailybeatz and loosing to Glofi (barely)

Flavorpill + Heart Is A Spade Lost In Austin Party
Bands I saw: Zambri, Javelin, Niki and the Dove
Voice %: holding strong at 65%
Highlights: Beat Connection boys - they are rad, Zambri was not my favorite, Niki and the Dove was dope

Ghostly International SXSW Showcase at Club Deville
Acts I Saw: Com Truise, Shigeto, Chrome Sparks, Matthew Dear, Choir of Young Believers
Party Favors: So many gin and sodas courtesy of randos and TEEEL’s Jerseylicious buddies
Voice %: holding strong at 65% but I’m trying not to talk (not going well)
Highlights: Photo shoot with Chrome Sparks, chatting up Blood Orange at the party, getting MORE hang time with Aquarium Drunkard and Carter from Futurebirds, meeting TEEEL, hanging with the homie Com Truise, the lovely Ghostly guys, Shitgeto killing it on stage, everyone and everything was dope- serious WIN

Daily Recap:
Hot n’ Ready slices consumed: 4 (it wasn’t mine and they were pissed)
Taco Bell Products consumed: 0
Party Favors: nasty veggie dog and coffee on the way to Ghostly Party
Voice %: 60
Highlights: Reggie’s weird “crazy” (and free) bus ride into town, Eventbrite Arcade party, Young Magic and Chairlift sets, Matthew Dear’s parents hanging out at the Ghostly Party, all of the Ghostly party
Top Quotes: “I feel like Korallreven says “Sa Sa Samoa” in every one of their songs”

SXSBEST WEEK EVER Favorite pics + stream one of my fave SXSW acts, Blondes EP

Highlights, Recap and My Favorite Quotes from SXSW 2012 coming soon! Until then check out some of my favorite pics from the fest including Chrome Sparks at the Ghostly International Party, Blouse at the Fader Fort, Blondes at XLR8R’s ICEE HOTT party, Blood Orange and Aquarium Drunkard, Tanlines at the Windish Party, and Nick Waterhouse at MWTX.

Get To Know Your Neighbor: A Blog On Blog Interview Series #3 Jimmy Morris of Head Underwater

Well, I’ve been doing this blogging thing for more than a year now, and the difference between online friends and IRL friends no longer exists. The number of amazing people I have met in the indie music world that I am lucky enough to now call friends is uncanny. I wanted to show my appreciation for all of the awesome blogger/music writer folks that have helped me realize it’s ok to obsess over music 24/7 and made me feel like I’m a part of something bigger.

So welcome to the third installment of my bi-monthly series on GITNB. It’s my way of saying thanks to those folks mentioned above, and a chance to give back to the community that I love so much. This was also an opportunity for me to give you, the reader, some insight into the blogs that have influenced me. Consider it my own personal take on #FF (Follow Fridays). The series will consist of a five question interview with a different blogger/writer each time, along with a few word associations and of course, a list of what you should be listening to. Hopefully you’ll discover a new blog or artist you haven’t heard of yet. You might even learn something new.

Jimmy Morris of Head Underwater taught me how to be a real fan. I somehow missed meeting Jimmy at SXSW 2011, but shortly after we became friends and from day one, we realized we both loved debating, discussing and naming our musical favorites 24/7. We also love sharing music with people that appreciate it. Since meeting Jimmy he has been championing the bands he loves regardless if they put out a record last week, or two years ago. He’s what I have come to realize music blogging is all about. Support the bands you love. Go to their shows, buy their records, write them, get to know them, and keep supporting them.

Jimmy has become a close friend of mine, and we have some great chats about indie music on a weekly basis. That’s a side of Jimmy and Head Underwater that not many people get to see. I hope through this interview I am able to convey Jimmy’s passion for artists making music because they love it. I am really excited to get to share some of those moments with you here. Thanks for showing me what it means to be a real fan and to never stop supporting the music I love.

Read who Head Underwater says you should be listening to and the interview after the jump!

1. So welcome back from blog retirement Jimmy! Haha. I want to jump right into things and talk about the fact that you decided to one day stop blogging. I guess I want to know what the breaking point was, when you said “fuck it, I don’t want to do this anymore”?

Well it wasn’t so much that I didn’t want to do it anymore, it was more that I needed to step away from it. A feeling like I was stressing out about finding the newest thing and finding ya know whatever else is out there that someone else hasn’t listened to, and I was just like, “This is ridiculous. What do I care if somebody else has written about this?”

Because there are people that might not read my blog, that read it elsewhere, and vice versa. So if someone finds something on my site that they haven’t heard before, then great. And as you have said before, you can’t read the whole internet.

Also, so many blogs have A LOT of content. People are so ADD, I don’t if know they are spending hours on one blog. I mean even with Pitchfork, you’re going to miss things.

Also a lot of blogs are very niche.

Right, so you’re going to want to read a variety of blogs. It’s also pretty cool that you can be really into a scene that is on the other side of the globe.

Exactly! That’s what’s so great about this whole scene. Take Awesome Tapes From Africa! It’s these random tapes that are just sitting around in Africa, that these peoples’ friends are just sending over, and they are being blogged about.

Thanks to the internet I have discovered genres like Afrobeat, and since have bought all these compilations from these guys who go to Nigeria and Ghana and find these old records and make amazing compilations out of them.

2. We bonded over nerding out over music, because we really love talking about it. Head Underwater has been one of my favorite blogs, long before we were friends, and I don’t think you have ever told me how you got your start as a music blogger.

I’ve always been into music that wasn’t quite “popular” if you will. I’ve always had a sense for finding music that was really good, but for whatever reason, people weren’t really listening to.

It’s funny because in college I swam, and I was such a swim nerd, hence the name “Head Underwater.” I thought about doing a swimming blog first, and then I was like, “This is stupid.” One, nobody is going to want to read it, (not that is mattered). And two, I’m not that opinionated about swimming stuff. I just like nerding out and looking at stats and stuff.

So in 2008, I had all this extra time because I was sick and bed ridden on all these meds for like a year. I just started trolling the internet, and I could only bookmark so much, so I started a Tumblr as a way to kinda remind myself of what I was into.

There weren’t that many Tumblrs in 2008, let alone music Tumblrs.

Yeah I got really lucky. I did a custom theme and learned what Tumblr did. Somehow they found it. And when you would go to their homepage, they would feature designs, and they put mine on there. Then that started driving people to my page.

Nice. So thank you Tumblr. Haha. I mean not to mention, you have a really great design, and your site looks awesome. I know you just did Prtls site, which came out great as well, so clearly you are good at your craft.

3. What food/dish best describes Head Underwater and why?

A breakfast casserole. It’s the best meal of the day, and it’s like a myriad of stuff. You’ve got some bacon, you’ve got some eggs, you’ve got some cheese. Got a little mix of everything. Because I don’t think I have a very niche sound. I’ll put jazz up there, I’ll put a beatmaker, garage, pop, psychadelic.

4. You have over 25,000 followers on Tumblr. How have you managed to stay afloat? Get it?

Haha. Good one! Yeah, I don’t know. It kind of freaks me out to be honest. I’m like why are more people following me than the population of countries? It’s so crazy. I had no intention of this many people reading it. But at the end of the day, the percentage of interaction is minuscule. I’d take 5,000 of that 25,000 that are into it everyday. I’d much rather have a small group that are excited about my blog, than 25,000 that read it in passing.

I’d have to agree. It’s still pretty awesome.

It’s just wild to think about.

5. What artists should I be listening to right now?

Lands and Peoples and Secret Mountains, who I have become friends with. They both are amazing. I don’t think Secret Mountains is capable of writing a song under five minutes, and that’s why I love them.

Wisdom Tooth, which is John Andrews. He’s actually the drummer for Quilt. It’s like a quirky, indie folk sound. It’s not too Nick Drake folky, it’s just good.

Vinyl Wiliams. He makes this like garage psychadelic stuff. It’s like a pop psychadelic, then there’s this garage, it’s pretty thick.

Also my boy, Jordan Lee, from Mutual Benefit. He and Andrew make good little pop songs. Actually I don’t know how you would classify them, maybe pop songs, I don’t know they’re good.

Yeah I feel like every record they do is very different.

Yes. It’s like they evolve from one album to the next. It’ just them.

Chrome Sparks. I couldn’t be more amazed with that guy. How he transposed everything from electronic into a full band is just amazing to me.

I love that he incorporated Steffaloo into the band too.

Yes. She is like the Lil’ Wayne of the chillwave scene. Everybody wants her on their track.

Also check out Spectrals. They’ve got this British Real Estate thing going on. This lazy, surf pop music vibe. I think you will really like them. I think they are on a huge tour with Cults.

Then I’ve gotta go with your boys Abadabad. I mean that whole group writes so many good tunes. They’ve got like a hundred side projects. I don’t know how they do it.

Last one is Hundred Waters, who I just discovered. I think I saw it on IGIF. They have this song that is super catchy. Just listen.

6. Most underrated artist right now?

Levek. He’s been kind of dormant. I always forget about him, and when he comes on on shuffle, I get so elated. I think they are going on tour with Hundred Waters actually, because they are both Florida bands.

I still remember when he first sent me his music. His description said, “I’m a school bus driver and I’m influenced by Disney music.” And I thought, “Alright, that’s kinda weird.” And then I listened to his music, the single “Heave Ho!”  and I was like “Wow. That is spot on about the Disney reference.” Some of the harmonics have got that Halloween Disney Special sound to it.

Levek is probably one of the more underrated bands that I wish would just start doing more stuff on the regular, and write new albums.

Word Associations:

Bonny Bear


Love it

Frat bros



Finish This Sentence

More people should see live music.

The song that always get stuck in my head is… the last thing I heard before I went to bed. Even if it was a stupid commercial.

The last show I went to was… Flock of Dimes, Other Colors, Violet Hour and Soft House

Indie Music. In two sentences or less, tell me why I should care about it.

Can they be run-on sentences?

Absolutely. It’s the only way I know how to write. Haha.

Because there is more stuff out there than what’s on the radio. That’s better than what’s on the radio.

Nice. It’s true. Love it. Just because it’s not on the radio doesn’t mean it’s not good.

I just appreciate people trying to do it. A lot of the stuff on the radio, it’s not for me.

We shouldn’t let the radio dictate what is for us.

So to wrap up, did I miss anything, or any closing words?

It’s pretty crazy and flattering that you wanted to interview me considering you have a whole myriad of way cooler people who you can interview.

Blaaaaaahhhhhh. You know you’re the coolest Jimmy Jamz!

Head Underwater says you should be listening to:

Lands and Peoples

Secret Mountains

Wisdom Tooth

Mutual Benefit

Vinyl Williams

Chrome Sparks



Hundred Waters


Head Underwater | Tumblr | Facebook | Twitter

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A List of EPs I Listened To A Lot in 2011

I know that title is a cop out, but I can’t say these are my only favorite EPs of 2011, because it just doesn’t work that like. My musical favorites don’t reset when the clock strikes midnight and the earth gets a year older. Nor do I get through all the music I had hoped to listen to within the confines of Western Civ’s lunar calendar. Like I’ve said a million times before, you can’t read the entire internet, nor should you.

So instead I put together a somewhat comprehensive list of mostly EPs, (maybe a few borderline albums and a couple 7”s), that I have really enjoyed over the passed several months, that were all released in 2011. I might do a list for full lengths and other goodies I missed over the weekend. Then again, I prob won’t. Hope you find a thing or two you missed this year.

Please send hate mail to: gluttonyisthenewblack@gmail.com. All insights/comments are welcomed, and I promise to reply by 2014.

Au Palais - Tender Mercy

Braids & Purity Ring - 7” Peach Wedding/Belispeak Split

Beacon - No Body

Bilinda Butchers - Regret, Love, Guilt, Dreams + Beko Singles 93

Birkwin Jersey - Time Doesn’t Exist, Clocks Do

Bronson - Is More [Mixtape]

Chrome Sparks - My <3

Ducktails - Killin’ The Vibe

Flashing Red Lights - Faster Horses

Gem Club - Breakers

Gracie - For Summer

Jamie xx - Far Nearer

Jensen Sportag - Pure Wet

Jeremy Lee Given - Old Flames

Holy Other - With U

Hourglass Sea - Return to the Crematorium

Keep Shelly In Athens - Our Own Dream

Lands & Peoples - Live at Metro Gallery

Mint Julep - Save Your Season

Peaking Lights - 936 + 936 Remix

Slow Magic -

Still Corners - Cuckoo/Endless Summer 7”

Sun Araw - Houston Abstros 7”

Supreme Cuts - Trouble

Run DMT - Dreams

Therapies Son - Over The Sea

Trouble Books & Mark McGuire - Trouble Books & Mark McGuire

TV Girl - Benny and the Jetts

Walsh - Don’t Want 2 Fall In Luv

Young Magic - You With Air/Sparkly 7” + Night In The Ocean/Slip Time 7”

P.S. If Group Tightener ever ships their shit, Dead Gaze’s 10” would most definitely be on this list.

P.S.S. Clearly not a good year for hip hop outside of Shabazz Palaces, Serengeti and maybe one or two others.


My Best Moments of CMJ 2011 + Mixtape DOWNLOAD

Big ups to the incredible crew of music loving bandits that made this  trip so special, and reminded me how lucky I am to live the life I do. I  put together a list of my top moments from my week at the CMJ MUSIC MARATHON HERE, and as promised, below is the mixtape of all of the artists that moved me. After all, we’re  all just trying to feel something; it’s music that helps us get there. Be sure to download the entire mix. Enjoy!

1. Selebrities Monster Mash
2. Chad Valley Shell Suite
3. Chrome Sparks Still Sleeping (feat. Steffaloo)
4. Jape The Oldest Mind
5. Hard Mix All Again
6. Gracie Sisters
7. Young Magic With You Air.
8. Caveman Old Friend
9. Hands Magic Fingers
10. Lands &amp; Peoples Everyday (Live)
11. Radiation City The Color Of Industry
12. Conveyor Rosacea (Carol No. 2)
13. Abadabad Indiana
14. Guards I See It Coming
15. Tanlines Z
16. Beat Connection Silver Screen
17. Body Language You Can
18. Flashlights New Hampshire
19. Wise Blood Penthouse Suites
20. Sun Glitters Softly and Slowly (feat. Rob Boak)
21. Widowspeak Harsh Realm

My Best Moments of CMJ 2011 + Mixtape DOWNLOAD

Big ups to the incredible crew of music loving bandits that made this trip so special, and reminded me how lucky I am to live the life I do. I put together a list of my top moments from my week at the CMJ MUSIC MARATHON HERE, and as promised, below is the mixtape of all of the artists that moved me. After all, we’re all just trying to feel something; it’s music that helps us get there. Be sure to download the entire mix. Enjoy!



1. Selebrities Monster Mash

2. Chad Valley Shell Suite

3. Chrome Sparks Still Sleeping (feat. Steffaloo)

4. Jape The Oldest Mind

5. Hard Mix All Again

6. Gracie Sisters

7. Young Magic With You Air.

8. Caveman Old Friend

9. Hands Magic Fingers

10. Lands & Peoples Everyday (Live)

11. Radiation City The Color Of Industry

12. Conveyor Rosacea (Carol No. 2)

13. Abadabad Indiana

14. Guards I See It Coming

15. Tanlines Z

16. Beat Connection Silver Screen

17. Body Language You Can

18. Flashlights New Hampshire

19. Wise Blood Penthouse Suites

20. Sun Glitters Softly and Slowly (feat. Rob Boak)

21. Widowspeak Harsh Realm


Chrome Sparks Still Sleeping (feat. Steffaloo)

Again, apologies for my brain barely functioning, as CMJ has got my panties in all kinds of a bunch. On my radar of artists to check out this week at CMJ Music Marathon are definitely Chrome Sparks and Steffaloo. This collaboration is one of the best things to happen this year, and I can’t fucking wait to catch them live.

Peep their latest single above, which is off Chrome Sparks upcoming EP, Surface Glows.

P.S. Artwork by the talented Jheri Evans of Get Off The Coast is just icing on the cake. Love it.

Buy "Still Sleeping" from Chrome Sparks bandcamp for a small and well worth it fee, and catch them TOMORROW NIGHT at my official CMJ showcase at The Living Room!