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Glass Animals Cocoa Hooves (Video)

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Calling it now, next huge deal. Had the chance to catch one of their first live sets in London and they are incredible. No backing tracks, all live, magnetic. They have an amazing album and tour coming up in 2013, so get ready. Glass Animals are the real deal. 

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Glass Animals Cocoa Hooves

Pronounced guitar chords shuffle through funk stained vocals that haunt your thoughts with lyrics like “Why don’t you set your wings on fire…why don’t you play with sex and violence?” as they drip through finger snaps and electronic squeaks, a deep bassline that I can’t get enough of, and vintage harmonies that feel like they belong in a 1960s smoke laden club, are all I know about Glass Animals thus far, and that’s fine. I hear elements of RnB, blues, funk, soul and bass all arranged in a completely new way that’s refreshing yet familiar. This track is somethin’ else. I want more.

Glass Animals have more music coming soon via the Facebook page of a label Kaya Kaya Records, so stayed tuned.

Glass Animals | Facebook | Tumblr

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