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Gathered Ghosts Two Apples in a Cherry Tree

So in love with the latest single from Javier Saurez (of Craft Spells) side project Gathered Ghosts. Reminds me of my first love, summery, a little awkward, but oh so carefree, kinda like two apples in a cherry tree. He included the adorable lyrics that I just had to share.

All i see, is two apples in a cherry tree, what’s the use in the analogy, you and me, love you always. Apogee, the point of orbit where the earth is free, that’s the place i always tend to be, oh when, when i’m with you. All I know, is that i never want to see you go. Never want to ever break your heart, or make you start doubting our love. Grow with me, two apples in a cherry tree, who did say it’s not supposed to be, was it the jealous leaves? Green and yellow…

If you haven’t downloaded Gathered Ghosts wonderful self-titled, you need to do that now. It’s free. CLICK HERE to do so.

Read my previous post on Gathered Ghosts and stream his entire EP while you’re at it right HERE.

Gathered Ghosts | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook

Gathered Ghosts Feels Like Nothing

Washington’s Gathered Ghosts is super fuzzy shoegaze love songs, heart wrenching melodies, sadness wallowing, guitar riffs that tickle the hairs on the back of your neck, all in such a subtle way you won’t notice the amount of emotion creeping over until it’s too late.

Somewhere between Tears for Fears, The Cure, Conor Oberst, and well Craft Spells, Gathered Ghosts' the side project of Craft Spells member Javier A. Suarez is nothing short of a pleasure to listen to. I’m absolutely enamored. Stream the entire mess above.

DOWNLOAD "Feels Like Nothing" HERE.

Snag Gathered Ghosts self-titled EP for FREE from their Bandcamp HERE.

Get more Gathered Ghosts via Facebook | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

Gluttony Is The New Black

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Surf Club BB

Part two in the epic saga that is Surf Club. Just kidding. Just another surfwave jam from Stockton, CA rockers, that is sure to make you twist and shout. Be sure to peep my previous post that includes Surf Club’s insanely infectious first single "Its True".

I’m loving these bros so far. Curious what kind of music they make in the winter. Oh wait, I forgot. It never rains and is always beach weather in Southern California…So the summer jamz never have to stop! Wooooohhoooooooo.

Gluttony Is The New Black

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Surf Club It’s True

"It’s True" is everything you could want in a surf-laden summer jam. The Stockton, CA foursome Surf Club has Craft Spells roots, are a bit Beach Fossils, a loud whisper of Dirty Beaches, and maybe I’m grasping, but a poppy, upbeat take on The Smiths. Whatever it is, this track has been on repeat all week, and I’m not letting up.

Get wrapped up in Surf Club’s feverishly catchy single for free from their bandcamp and harass them via Facebook and Twitter to make more tunes.

Gluttony Is The New Black

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The Cure The Lovecats

Download Friday I’m in Love: A Valentine’s Day Mix! Featuring Toro y Moi, Javelin, Diamond Rings, Death Cab For Cutie, Craft Spells, Metronomy, and a whole lot more. Download here.

Pixies/Marvin Gaye - Get It On My Mind

Metronomy - A Thing For Me (Breakbot Remix)

Lemonade - Lifted (Le Chev Reunion Tour Remix)

Daft Punk - Something About Us

How To Dress Well - Endless Rain

Weed and Foxes In Fiction - Teenage Dream (Katy Perry Cover)

Death Cab For Cutie - 405 (Acoustic)

Ray LaMontange - You Are The Best Thing

The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build A Home

Beach House - Heart Of Chambers

Main Drag - Love During Wartime

Star Slinger - Slow ‘N’ Wet

Daedelus - I Would Die For You (Prince Cover)

The Source - You Got The Love

Diamond Rings - Something Else

Say Hi - Blah Blah Blah

Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Hysteric (Acoustic)

Death Cab For Cutie - Employment Pages

Craft Spells feat Emily Reo - Love Well Spent

Wooden Birds - Hometown Fantasy (Ben Gibbard Cover)

Bibio - Lovers’ Carvings

Javelin - Off My Mind

Toro y Moi - Freak Love

Bikini - Tonight

Gluttony Is The New Black Vol II: Accidental Genius

So I live in LA and drive a lot. I accidentally left the light on in my car and killed the battery. When I had my car jumped, my ipod player stopped working. I have yet to fix it.

My solution has been to pretend like it’s 1994 and burn cd’s for my car. I randomly threw this mix together, and I have to say…it’s kind of genius. Don’t believe me? Download that ish here, and see for yourself. Track list below. Holler.

Bury Us Alive Starfucker 

Hot Mess (feat. Elly Jackson) (Duck Sauce Remix) - Chromeo   

That’s My Bitch (feat Elly Jackson) - Kanye West & Jay-Z

Our Thing - Evan Voytas

Glass Deers (Teen Daze Remix) - Braids  

Friend [Lover] - Evenings

All of Us - Painted Palms  

Heat & Hot Water (Birds & Batteries Remix) - ARMS 

Dreaming - Seapony

Party Talk - Craft Spells

Dirty Cartoons - Menomena 

Absence of Light (ft. Tunde Adebimpe) - Maximum Balloon  

So It Goes - Akron/Family   

Beverly Kills - Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti 

In The Fall - Future Islands (Featuring Katrina Ford)  

Redgun - The Forms 

Ghosting - Young Minds

Endless Rain - How to Dress Well 

If I Had a Boat - James Vincent McMorrow 

South Carolina - Tennis

O Seizing the Day O (feat. Luke Jenner Of The Rapture) - Tanlines   

Starfield - PS I Love You 

Around my Head - Cage the Elephant 

Stained Glass (Won’t You Let Me Into Yr Heart) - Wavves 

(Photo via Brian Ferry)

Craft Spells Party Talk

I’m diggin’ these guys out of Stockon, California. They’ve got a synthy Crystal Stilts things going on. Craft Spells’ first LP, Idle Labor, is out 3/1 via Captured Tracks.

Captured Tracks Bio:
“In the cold and dreary winter of 2009, alone in his bedroom and hidden from the darkness of the world outside Justin Paul Vallesteros had begun working on something that would change his life forever. What began as a couple notes played in experimentation soon transformed into vibrant melodies that soon shook Vallesteros’ musical foundation to the core. Guitar chords laced over pulse sating synth melodies and drum rhythms was a departure from Justin’s previous work; he began to create the dreamy nostalgic pop music that is Craft Spells. Justin is a California native who now finds residence in the mid-size town of Stockton, the heart of California. Craft Spells is the epitome of the recent uprising of the DIY music scene. Coming from a place not known for its musical history or impact on music culture it seemed destined for Craft Spells to stay as a bedroom pop project with no final destination in sight. But soon the shear amount of blog volume his work began to generate was unimaginable. Sites like Weekly Tape Deck, Pasta Primavera, No Modest Bear and Pitchfork’s Forkcast took notice and thus began the never ending worldwide posting and re-posting on blog after blog of Craft Spells. The sound is led by Justin’s blissful voice, backed behind beautiful guitar melodies over heavenly synths, pop basslines and looped rhythms. Captured Tracks has released 7” single for the song “Party Talk” and will release the debut LP due out in Spring 2011 called Idle Labor. 2011 is going to be a busy year now that Justin has set up a live band for future touring. Keep a look out for tour dates in Europe and US come the new year. In no time at all, Justin has been able to move out of Dave Brubeck and Pavement’s shadow to create something his own which he shares with the ever continuing admiration of the world.”