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A$AP Rocky 1 Train Ft. Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Yelawolf, Danny Brown, Action Bronson & Big K.R.I.T.

This shit is going to get taken down any second, but just wanted to let you know this is the fucking JAM.

When you look at how many names are involved on this track, I can’t help but ask, “Is that necessary?” Yes, yes it is. Danny Brown’s contribution just made my drug-riddled heart palpitate much too quickly. OBSESSED. 

Danny Brown Grown Up (oOoOO Remix)

3am on a Thursday. This is what every weekend should feel like. Fuck, it’s only Thursday. 

oOoOO is my witchhop dream crush. <3 <3 <3


Get To Know Your Neighbor: A Blog On Blog Interview Series #6 Jeff Weiss of Passion of the Weiss

So welcome to the sixth installment of my bi-monthly series on GITNB. It’s my way of saying thanks to those folks that have been cool to me, and a chance to give back to the community that I love so much. This was also an opportunity for me to give you, the reader, some insight into the blogs that have influenced me. Consider it my own personal take on #FF (Follow Fridays). The series will consist of a five question interview with a different blogger/writer each time, along with a few word associations and of course, a list of what you should be listening to. Hopefully you’ll discover a new blog or artist you haven’t heard of yet. You might even learn something new.

In the war that is music commentary Jeff Weiss is the most decorated soldier, and with good reason. A staff writer at Pitchfork, contributor to SPIN, to having his own column at LA Weekly, writing for the LA Times, being a regular contributor to Mary Anne Hobbs’s XFM Music Response Show, and receiving endless praise as the editor of his own blog Passion of the Weiss, the list goes on. Jeff is this mix of all the upper-middle class white kids at hip hop shows, and the cool kid that always had weed and would throw dope parties in high school…except this is his life now. Spouting anecdotes about what festivals and music used to be while writing about them for the biggest publications in music, he walks this fine line of cynicism that we can relate to, coupled with this dorky music fan, who is genuinely excited to see his favorite rap group enthusiasm, that people are really drawn to.

As much as he’ll kill me for saying it, Jeff’s one of those tortured souls in a Death Cab For Cutie, “This hurts so much I can barely lift my hand, let alone write the words, but I wouldn’t have it any other way” kind of way. It’s all or nothing. He’s not going to be the writer you want him to be, and he’s never going to sugarcoat or dumb it down for you. What he will do is paint a picture and write a compelling argument about why you should listen, and essentially respect him as a writer.  He’s not trying to win you over, or convince you that this is going to be your favorite act for the next five summers, instead he’s taking a couple mp3’s and attaching meaning to them, essentially he’s humanizing them. He’s making his words something that you not only want to read, but have to read. It’s an art I greatly admire, and the fact that he can do it with a sense of humor, well he’s truly one-of-a-kind. You da man Jeff. Thanks for playing.

Read what Jeff Weiss says you should be listening to and the interview after the jump!

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Das Racist Power Feauturing Danny Brown and Despot

Neurotically-spitting rap outgroup Das Racist (composed of Himanshu
“Heems” Suri, Victor “Kool A.D.” Vazquez, and Ashok “Dapwell”
Kondabolu) blending international breadth with branded, sporadic lyrics
punctuated by showstoppers lines like, “She had a pocket full of lint
/ He had a suitcase full of dreams.”  It’s impressive rapid fire
wordplay regardless, but their M.O. – sardonic assaults on everything
from raised asses to overt pot smoking hippies to Dinesh D’Souza –
remains their best hope at holding the crème de la crème hip hop

outcast title.  Whatever that means in a post hipster world.  Heems knows what he’s working with though, self-described as, “Half
Internet, half high school cafeteria shit.”  It’s disaffected, honest,
and not really trying to be too much more; maybe that’s why it
continues to feel fairly relevant.  Need more proof of their
willingness to explore and raise opinion, check out this New Yorker
.  Vazquez murders it.

Das Racist is not for everyone; in fact the line between lovers and
haters seems as decisive as any music act I know.  Still, when they’re
running on all cylinders, this is Hipster Runoff for your eardrums –
undeniably amusing, quietly vitriolic, even sad at the big picture

Check out “Power” above featuring Danny Brown and Despot and cop Relax that dropped September 13th via Suri’s Greedhead Music HERE.

                      -Cameron McCumby

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