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Des Boda Nothing Matters


The Canadian based DIY label started by the original chillwave angel Jamison Baerg of Teen Daze, just dropped a year end compilation that has taken over my life (and my speakers). This compilation is one big holiday party with exclusive tracks from up and comers like Slow Magic, Yalls, Ghibli, Des Boda, Little Chords and lots more.

The mission of Cultus Vibes is to showcase the work of Teen Daze’s many talented friends, always giving away their fantastic tunes for free. It’s all about spreading the love. I am just smitten with Teen Daze and his Cultus Vibes project, so I choose to highlight the label and a few of my favorite tracks from the compilation in today’s posts.

My first love from this comp was Ghibli, but I’m also loving the track he helped produce for Vancouver’s Des Boda. It’s super reverbed and glitchy with all kinds of silly samples and a bit of a tropical vibe. Stirring the pot at the holiday party with this one. Really diggin’ it.

Help me celebrate Cultus Vibes Day downloading the compilation from CV’s bandcamp and donating to this fantastic project if you feel so inclined.

DOWNLOAD "Nothing Matters" HERE.

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