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A List of EPs I Listened To A Lot in 2011

I know that title is a cop out, but I can’t say these are my only favorite EPs of 2011, because it just doesn’t work that like. My musical favorites don’t reset when the clock strikes midnight and the earth gets a year older. Nor do I get through all the music I had hoped to listen to within the confines of Western Civ’s lunar calendar. Like I’ve said a million times before, you can’t read the entire internet, nor should you.

So instead I put together a somewhat comprehensive list of mostly EPs, (maybe a few borderline albums and a couple 7”s), that I have really enjoyed over the passed several months, that were all released in 2011. I might do a list for full lengths and other goodies I missed over the weekend. Then again, I prob won’t. Hope you find a thing or two you missed this year.

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Au Palais - Tender Mercy

Braids & Purity Ring - 7” Peach Wedding/Belispeak Split

Beacon - No Body

Bilinda Butchers - Regret, Love, Guilt, Dreams + Beko Singles 93

Birkwin Jersey - Time Doesn’t Exist, Clocks Do

Bronson - Is More [Mixtape]

Chrome Sparks - My <3

Ducktails - Killin’ The Vibe

Flashing Red Lights - Faster Horses

Gem Club - Breakers

Gracie - For Summer

Jamie xx - Far Nearer

Jensen Sportag - Pure Wet

Jeremy Lee Given - Old Flames

Holy Other - With U

Hourglass Sea - Return to the Crematorium

Keep Shelly In Athens - Our Own Dream

Lands & Peoples - Live at Metro Gallery

Mint Julep - Save Your Season

Peaking Lights - 936 + 936 Remix

Slow Magic -

Still Corners - Cuckoo/Endless Summer 7”

Sun Araw - Houston Abstros 7”

Supreme Cuts - Trouble

Run DMT - Dreams

Therapies Son - Over The Sea

Trouble Books & Mark McGuire - Trouble Books & Mark McGuire

TV Girl - Benny and the Jetts

Walsh - Don’t Want 2 Fall In Luv

Young Magic - You With Air/Sparkly 7” + Night In The Ocean/Slip Time 7”

P.S. If Group Tightener ever ships their shit, Dead Gaze’s 10” would most definitely be on this list.

P.S.S. Clearly not a good year for hip hop outside of Shabazz Palaces, Serengeti and maybe one or two others.


McWolf Next To Me

There’s something really special about this project. I actually can’t quite put my finger on it. Ok, I can put my finger on it, but I won’t because I just washed my hands and I’m trying to reduce the amount of vulgarity in my life (weekdays only).

The side project of Welly Netto (of ABADABAD, Rodeo Church), just dropped a four song EP that is absolutely fantastic. Some of McWolf’s tracks have a slightly 70s Lynard Skynard thing going on, while other tracks take not so subtle cues from 80s love ballads. Before you start to question my thought process, take a couple listens and try to prove me wrong. What can I say? I’m a sucker for Ducktails/Andrew Cedermark style guitar riffs, slightly reverbed vocals and catchy hooks.

Netto is a champ at combining well written lyrics and carefully crafted melodies, but really it’s the stand out guitar work and infectious (yet sparse) piano notes that will have you infatuated in no time.  Brofi is the new lofi.


McWolf | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Twitter

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GITNB: A Summer Sess Mixtape

Enjoy 25 tracks that have been keepin’ me breezy all summer long. Hope you dig em’ too. Eclectic is an understatement. Dare you to try to pinpoint my music taste.

Here’s to a great August everyone. Stay cool forever…

Stream on 8tracks. Download here. Tracklist below

Majestyy    California Gurls (Majestyy Remix)

Selva Oscura    Jungle Kids

Chrome Sparks    All There Is (Feat. Steffaloo)   

ABADABAD    Park Slope (Yalls Remix)   

Monogold    Spirit or Something   

Real Magic    No Things Wave   

Ganglians    Sleep   

Crystal Antlers    Dog Days   

WU LYF    Dirt   

Pandit    Human Qualities   

Andrew Cedermark    Ad Infinium

Ducktails    Couch Surfer  

EL MNO     Freestyle (Big L & Jay-Z)  

WUGAZI    Sleep Rules Everything Around Me   

The Bilinda Butchers    Sigh 

Caged Animals    Girls On Medication (Teenage Desert Mix)   

Moss of Aura    Men And Women 

Levek    Ears Against the Wall   

BEWILDERBEAST    Back 2 The Groove  

Dakotafish    We Were Like Gods   

Gracie    Bones   

Shabazz Palaces    Recollections of the wraith  

Burial    Shell of Light (Shlohmo Remix)   

Blood Orange    Sex Cray   

Widowspeak    Gun Shy   

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