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Fierce Creatures Ships To Shore

This track has been doing things to me that even some of my favorite boy toys can’t do. One of the bands on the top of my list to see at SXSW 2011 Fierce Creatures are definitely a band to watch this year. Their performance was nothing short of spectacular inside an auto garage turned music venue smack dab in the middle of Austin.

If you haven’t already, definitely buy their EP I Mostri Feroci and snag their single Ships To Shore right here.

Oh and it doesn’t hurt that the lead singer is one sexy lady…

Man. This song has got me hooked. Def want to catch their live show.


Fierce Creatures- “The Brute and The Beast”

Fierce Creatures gets infinite cute points for sending me a thank you email for tweeting about them the other day. The pleasure was alll mine though…due to the fact that I looove them. Their self released EP Mostri Feroci is all sorts of fantastic, ”The Brute and The Beast” being my favorite track off of it. The song contains an excellent combination of delicate, soft moments & those with a bit more rowdy intensity. It’s so beautifully written & orchestrated, a true work of art in my opinion. These talented beings have a whole lot of tour dates coming up including a few gigs at SXSW, do put em on your list of must-sees!:

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