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Troy Gunner The Valley/Masks

I have been quietly obsessing over this guy’s fluid house tickles on the back of my neck, trying my damnedest to pretend like I don’t notice. But I do. And I’m bout you boo. You don’t even need to dangle that florescent pink, breathy glow in my direction, I can feel it before you even get to the door.

Act to watch in 2013 no doubt.

Get the 12” with both tracks from Infinite Machine.

Infinite Machine Mini Mix w/Synkro, Troy Gunner, Ghostek, Jack Dixon, Dauwd, Pixelord and 2562

You can stop IMing everyone on your Facebook chat asking them to send you some new tunes. It’s creepy. The Montreal based electronic label Infinite Machine, went ahead and compiled a mini mix of all the faves + a new track from Pixelord so you’re Thursday is good to go. Now get the fuck off Facebook chat.

01.- Synkro - Why Don’t You (Apollo Records)
02.- Troy Gunner - Obssesions (dub)
03.- Ghostek - Captcha
04.- Jack Dixon - Lose Myself (Dauwd Remix) (Skint)
05.- Dauwd - What’s There (Fort Romeau Remix) (Pictures Music)
06.- Jack Dixon - Lose Myself (Skint)
07.- Pixelord - Shining Inside (Infinite Machine)
08.- 2562 - Lost (Tectonic)

Arthur Beatrice Midland (Bwana Remix) + Midland Video

Already one of my favorite electronic artists of 2012 with his fantastic Infinite Machine release Over & Done that dropped earlier this year, Bwana is finally venturing out into the musical metropolis with his first official remix. Again, his production and mixing skills are flawless. Bwana’s ability to deconstruct vocals and then put them back together not so completely changed, but more so rearranged, in such a luscious way that brings out the best qualities of the original song is incredible. This is what a remix is supposed to sound like. To Arthur Beatrice’s credit, the original track is really catchy. I’m a newly adorned fan after listening to the original all day.  

If this fucking remix won’t play above, listen to it on Sndcld HERE.

The original track created by London outfit Arthur Beatrice is their debut single that dropped yesterday. Arthur Beatrice have been gaining buzz since 2011 with their appearances at London’s Open Assembly party series put on by the blog/label/friends of Moshi Moshi Records event hosts Tender Age.

Watch the flowy haired video for “Midland” below.

Arthur Beatrice’s single and the remix are available for download from itunes HERE.

Arthur Beatrice | Website | Facebook

Bwana Sleeping In

The 21 year old Toronto producer that goes by Bwana has already sold out his debut Over & Done 12” in less than a month. Bwana’s EP went out on top, taking the #1 slot on Boomkat’s best sellers list in the DUBSTEP/GRIME/FUNKY category, and well it’s not to hard to understand why.

GITNB does a lot of genre hopping, so I don’t know if I’m actually late to the game on this kid, or he just blew up that quick. Either way, his album dropped last month, and it’s been an ice cream dinner special treat to listen to ever since.

Resident Advisor described Bwana’s sound as “Lovestep” and that description couldn’t be more fitting. Bwana disassembles that lovely dovey Boyz II Men RnB shit with lots of breaks, this billowy full bass sound that runs deep without sounding like you are at some stupid Spirithood Skrillex party, and these heavy cock a glock sounds that give his tracks some edge. Plus I like his use of samples. Sampled sounds and words subtly emerge throughout different aspects of jamz like “When There Is Nothing Left,” adding another dimension to his sound, instead being overbearing, causing the beat to get lost in the sample, which I hate to say it, but happens a lot in the dubstep/UK garage/bass genre.

Of course it’s no surprise “Sleeping In” is my clear favorite on this 12”. It’s Bwana’s sexiest jam without trying too hard. I feel like this is what Balam Acab would sound like if someone asked him to DJ a party and the only rule was “Please don’t make everyone fall asleep.”

After giving this album some time, the overarching theme of Bwana’s sound that has me so enthralled is his production and mixing skills. The kid really has a knack for taking several fragile elements and layering them together to make a bigger sound while still maintaining those delicate nuances and utilizing them to build a final product. Great work.

My only complaint? Leave the remixes behind and give me three more Bwana songs next time. Please and thank you.

Bwana’s Over & Done is sold the fuck out, but there are copies still available at places like Rough Trade, and Juno. 

Bwana | Soundcloud | Facebook | Infinite Machine