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clipping. Work Work (feat. Cocc Pistol Cree) 

Going to see Subpop’s latest hip hop inspired signees .clipping tonight as part of RBMA New York Fest. They just dropped this super dope video for the track “Work Work,” to get the New York all excited for tonight. I’ve had it on repeat all week. Introducing interview with the band coming soon, so stay tuned. ;)

If you’re in NYC, details for tonight are below. Should be fun.

Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York Presents
Hardcore Activity In Progress

with Tim Hecker, Napalm Death, Gunplay, The Thing, Wolf Eyes, Regis, Bastard Noise, Lubomyr Melnyk, Skullflower, Joe McPhee/Chris Corsano, Okkyung Lee, Clipping, Yoshiko Ohara, Reg Bloor, Gnaw

Knockdown Center

Buy tix HERE.

I have no freetime to write about music I’m digging. Here is a dope video to watch instead. 

The Video That Made My Week: Dublab Presents: Secondhand Sureshots

4 Los Angeles djs and producers on a mission…

to make musical magic out of dusty thrift store records 

$5 for 5 Records

Daedalus, Nobody, J. Rocc and Ras G

Check out the musical results, artwork and more at Dublab.

(via John from Solar Bears making me get edumacated…)

Boiler Room Announces Details of US Performances

If your invite to these killer live shows got lost in your spam, or you live in a less fortunate part of the country like Iowa, or one of the Dakotas, you can tune in live from your laptop and get in on all the Boiler Room action via hash tags and shit. 

I might even create a drinking game for these shows, so stay tuned. For now, check out my LA boy Sun Araw keeping shit strange for the Boiler Room’s Backyard show at this year’s SXSW.

Los Angeles
July 10 - Dibia$e, Knxwledge, House Shoes, Mndsgn, Ahnu, Ages
July 24 - Sinjin Hawke, MORRI$, Falcons, Dreams, Taurus Scott

New York
July 3 - MikeQ, DJ Sliink, Nadus, TBA
July 17 - Ghe20 Gothik
July 31 - True Panther w/ DJ Spoko

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Anthony Ellect Vases

Was starting to feel really uncomfortable going two posts without writing about chilled out sex beats. This lil’ qt commented on my Arclight uploads and now that he’s on my radar, I can’t stop harassing him. To be real I had seen his name around before that but I’m a dick and only read my own posts/tweets so didn’t really dig into his music earlier like I should have. Guy kills.

The hot young producer blending sexy hip hop with crunchy electronic is flying under the radar, but not for long so be sure to keep an eye on him. He’s going to be big.

Anthony Ellect | Soundcloud | Facebook

Ghost Loft Seconds

Fuck baby, I love you too. RnB nostalgia that you know you are tired as fuck of reading as a description but you can’t help but press play a couple more times on this one. Flirtatious samples, a sexy infectious beat, electronic additions that tremor through luscious, slow rolling vocals. What’s not to love? Ghost Loft is Tycho with a sex drive and a sense of humor. Los Angeles represent.

Ghost Loft | Soundcloud | Facebook

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Slippin’ Through The Cracks Episode 4: KO KO

So this is the series on GITNB where I talk about albums/artists I was late to the game on, and now I can’t get enough of.

I had one obligation this week, find THE summer jam of 2012. Well I found it, and I’m already late to the party. I’m not sure if the butterflies in my stomach are from that young love nostalgic feeling, or the fact that I might have just found the perfect song to pitch to Tide for their next stain fighting commercial spot, either way I all I want to do is hum along to the indie Jack Johnson’s infectious, reverbed love songs.

KO KO’s sound is heartfelt and raw, tinged with cracked, fragile vocals that lend to this timeless yearning that everyone can relate to, while keeping the bubblegum pop feel at bay. So far the duo have produced three catchy anthems that dance across the strings of your soul via fantastic song writing to create percussion heavy pop jams layered with clap-along worthy drum beats, and slightly sultry vocals. You can’t help but give into KO KO’s charm, crack a smile and sway to the beat. KO KO’s are going to be big.

Read previous Slippin’ Through The Cracks Episodes with Hundred Waters, and Oscar + Martin

Dreams Don’t Care Bout Her + Bloodsport featured on Rustie’s Essential Mix

LA phenomenon, Dreams has been making waves in all kinds of indie scenes his the debut of his first EP Feeling 4 U last October. Since that release Dreams sound and status have evolved into a name to take seriously, gaining recognition and support from local labels Absent Fever, 6BIT Collective and JAXART…and now Rustie. Song #2 on the latest BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix is Dreams’ hard hitter, ‘Bloodsport,’ a track that has had the underground music obsessed tripping over themselves since it dropped.

The 20 year old producer has a knack for creating moody electronic jams with a smooth darkness of a seasoned vet. For coming out of Los Angeles, Dreams really has a UK bass/dance vibe with 80s inspired, RnB heavy samples that get real funky and make you want to shake whatever it is your mama gave ya. Dreams latest tracks have taken that life of the party dance vibe once step further by adding even more breaks and a spaced out futuristic undertone reminiscent of acts like Com Truise and Ford & Lopatin.

Dreams has proven he can roll with the big boys by carving out a unique sound with chameleon-like versatility making him a favorite across a variety of genre and niche music outlets. Once you take a listen, it’s not hard to understand why. Check out Dreams’ brand new track ‘Don’t Care Bout Her,’ part of the Generation Y Not Compilation.

DOWNLOAD “Don’t Care Bout Her” HERE.

Dreams | Souncloud | Facebook

Blacks& The Race Is On + What They Think

Admittedly, Blacks& have a slightly tropical Vampire Weekend sound, but with better vocals and zero of the whining. Then you start to realize they have combined the best of Vampy Weekend with a dreamy du-wop fervor that makes you feel all giddy inside. Picture an attractive quartet of 20 somethings dressed in matching dark suits and skinny ties, all signing around an old school microphone on the hottest variety show circa 1963. Then you hit the three minute mark. Electric guitar and funky 80s inspired effects smooth out the track and bring it to a close. The band has managed to harness a refreshing new sound that is just magical.

Blacks& are just a talented group of jokester friends (read their silly bio to see what I mean) living on the Eastside of Los Angeles that has a few drinks and dropped some fantastic recordings that turned out to be something they realized they needed to capitalize on. This three song EP is just the beginning for Blacks&, as another EP is already recorded and set to be released this summer. I personally have fallen head over heels for these infectious pop ballads and can’t wait to hear more.

Blacks& | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook

Mini Mansions Heart of Glass (Blondie Cover)

THEE Video That Made My Week

This week I had to single out one video that really got me excited. This cover of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” is a pretty hawt male sung, smoky drugged out version that I can’t stop listening to. The vid is equally sexy. Who knew Mini Mansions singer bro was such a babe?

This vid makes me want to get silly fucked up and get weird in a bathtub with this guy. That blood you see is actually from where I bit the shit out of him. He was into it.

Mini Mansions | Website | Facebook

MMOTHS Summer feat. Superhumanoids 

Two of my picks as far as acts to watch in 2012 go, come together in this luscious track that bats it’s eyelashes and flirts with you all three minutes and forty seconds. Such a tease of a track. MMOTHS is the master of taking vocals and making them dance across the musical landscape with electronic pulses and delicate tweaks, like a marionette bringing Superhumanoids harmonies to life. Really fantastic offering from MMOTHS. I think it’s my new favorite. I want more.

Both acts are playing SXSW 2012, so if you’re headed to Austin, be sure to catch them.

MMOTHS | Website | Facebook 

Superhumanoids | Website | Facebook