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Lianne La Havas Lost and Found (Ifan Dafydd Remix)

Warner Bros has been working up a sweat this year doing everything they can to make sure Lianne La Havas is on your radar. From spending some serious time developing her sound, to signing her up for a month long tour with Bon Iver, making sure she’s mentioned by outlets like BBC and the The Guardian, not to mention the handful of remixes of her songs by the hottest names in electronic, everyone from Shlohmo and Lapalux, to Gang Colours, and now Ifan Dafydd.

I have to admit Ifan Dafydd’s remix is my favorite. Ifan Dafydd is so close to that greatness. He’s a master at minute fine tuning, delicate vocal reworks and arrangements, all while adding subtle twists to give a track a signature Ifan Dafydd sound. I can’t wait to see what he does next. (Actually I can’t wait to hear what Ms. La Havas other tracks sound like as well).

Now all we need is Burial to pop in and complete the series. Who wants to bet me that shit happens next week? Kidding…

Lianne La Havas’s Lost & Found record that includes two new songs, plus Lapalux and Ifan Dafydd’s remixes on 4/30 via Nonesuch Records, pre-order HERE.