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Five Reasons To Listen to Oceaán’s debut EP

1. If Usher, Jai Paul and Prince made a baby he would be 20, from Manchester and named Oceaán.

2. Ben Khan is overrated.

3. He’s not a fad. One of the biggest trends in music right now is R&B. The truth about trends is that they are just that. I’ll use the Chillwave example. When that trend began to fizzle out, there were only a few acts left to stand the test of time (think Washed Out and Toro y Moi). They lasted and others didn’t because they were able to evolve with the times. Oceaán has enough talent and versatility in just this EP that he is going to be one of those lasting acts.

4. Jai Paul is never going to play live, but Oceaán most likely will, very soon in fact.

5. He’s cohesive. Oceaán’s managed to create a sexy, moody debut EP that explores a range of sounds and vocal frequencies, carving out a lush listening experience that is cohesive and noteworthy enough that it will catch the ear of even passive listeners. 

*6. It’s really fucking good.

Oceaán's EP is out March 31 on Chess Club Records.

Oceaán Need U feat. Luca Rudlin

Remember when I said really well produced R&B will be the thing in 2013? This new mysterious producer Oceaán, out of Manchester is one of my favorites to creep up this year. Stay tuned for much more to come.

The Warehouse Project Mini Documentary 

I was fucking there….

Such an amazing experience. Thanks to everyone at The Warehouse Project for letting me be a part of your world for one special weekend. 

Yours Truly shot this documentary on the opening weekend of The Warehouse Project in it’s new home at the Victoria Warehouse in Manchester, UK. It also happened to be RinseFM’s 18th Birthday. Unforgettable. 

Here’s a list of acts I saw at The Warehouse Project that wekeend:

Diplo, Jacques Greene, Baauer, Bicep, Joy Orbison, Jackmaster, Ben UFO, Katy B, Andrew Weatherall, Four Tet, Soul Clap, Heidi, AlunaGeorge, Julio Bashmore, Pearson Sound, Nic Jaar and Darkside, T. Williams, Skream, Benga, Elijah & Skilliam, Joker, MC Chunky and Maya Jane Coles. Oh and The Boiler Room was there broadcasting live too, but didn’t make it into the doc!


(and Happy Thanksgiving :D)

Oneman & Asbo 45 min Boiler Room DJ set

Oneman you are too good to me. How can I make it up to you?

Still coming down from that dripping with sweet, sweaty euphoria, moving too fast to even comprehend movement that is The Warehouse Project, so have been watching the Boiler Room sessions from Manchester all day to help cope. 

Kicking off a 45 min Boiler Room set, prematurely bursting with every jam I grew up bobbing my super-white-girl-that-loves-rap-music head to, from Dr Dre, N.O.R.E.G.A., Fugees, Bobby Valentino, LL Cool J,  Craig David, Soul4Real’s “Candy Golden Raindrops”, Jay-Z, Juvenile, Cheryl Lynn’s “To Be Real”, plus all kinds of new edits and other goodness that you just need to hear to understand the full effect of Oneman’s throwback brilliance. I die. This was the fucking shit. Thank you for making my day drunk off peach lemonade mint juleps that much better. 

This vid is from the Boiler Room session with South London Ordinance, Oneman, Pariah and Two Inch Punch in Manchester. Hope you dig it.

xxxy Got Me So

Excited for new xxxy. I’ve heard so many people sample “I know this (can’t be love)” this past summer, ready for the real deal to come back and show them how it’s done. Always a fave with a signature fluid dancefloor/future garage/sexy sound infused with these nerdy swirling video game samples and a slightly drum and bass sound, especially on this latest track. I swear people of the of Black Rock City (Burning Man) would love this shit. I love it all, so press play and love it with me.

Apparently this track is dropping in 2013 on RinseFM

Cannot fucking believe I’m going to this tonight. 
Cannot fucking believe I’m going to this tonight. 
Cannot fucking believe I’m going to this tonight. 

Cannot fucking believe I’m going to this tonight. 


The latest edition to the Zola Jesus fanclub, Manchester’s Die Hexen peeled back the darkness from her latest creation, “SIAMESE” only a day ago, which evokes a come hither chill up your spine, like a scene unfolding in a medieval drama based on 16th century European royalty. Bells and synths ripple, while hollow breaths float across a withered landscape of heavy piano strokes and muted drum beats, all converging to form what Die Hexen describes at “Gothpoptronica.” Somehow it’s an oddly appropriate genre description.

The latest lady to embrace the nightwalker vibe doesn’t just stop at Zola, she takes some dramatic organ cues and larger than life performance feel qualities on “SIAMESE” as well as older tunes like "Sekura" and "Lo," that channel the essence of Karin Dreijer Andersson of The Knife and Fever Ray.

But make no mistake about it, Die Hexen is an act that is still in incubator mode, and (hopefully) on the verge of something break-out worthy. For now, it’s sex music for necrophiliacs at it’s finest, and since this waiting for True Blood angst isn’t letting up anytime soon, I’m going to have to get my kicks somewhere. Die Hexen is doing a quality job at the present moment. Just remember…

Dying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off, but it’s better if you do.

Die Hexen | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

No Ceremony Deliverus

Mysterious Manchester duo No Ceremony switching it up from the previously released heart thumping, electro dance jams, with their latest track "Deliverus." More in the line of Keep Shelly in Athens with dark down tempo beats and effects, which could be expected, but what throws you off is the simple guitar chords layered over chant-like harmonies beckoning you to listen a little closer. Watch the video for the track below. Just lovely.

DOWNLOAD "Deliverus" HERE.

No Ceremony Website

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No Ceremony Wear Me

Check the latest single and video from the Manchester’s mysterious No Ceremony. Kinda sounds like a chilled out version of their first single "HURTLOVE." Then again, they are so new, maybe this is how they are creating a niche space for their own brand of pop music. Either way I dig it. Interested to hear what else they drop in the coming months. 


Check out more NO CEREMONY HERE.

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