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Rook Milo Truancy Volume 96 Mix

I actually remember Ryan Hemsworth tweeting about Rook Milo a while back, but I never followed up. Good thing Truants did. Fans of Ryan, Suicideyear and their, what I like to call ‘trap lullabies’ (sidenote: this was before trap turned terrible and refers mostly to drum patterns and that distinct hi-hat samples), will rejoice in the Canadian producer’s dramatic take on this emerging trend.

Rook Milo’s dramatic ethos of stylistic slowed and throwed reworks amongst a scattering of unreleased gems (see: Ryan Hemsworth – Hurt Me (with Katie Gately) and Rook Milo – Sleepers) explored on this mix is well worth a listen from start to finish. 


Luxsi Young Intro
Rook Milo – Truants Intro
Jeremih – Fuck U All The Time (Acapella)
Rook Milo – rejected beat for Tinashe Unreleased
Arca – 2 Blunted (Slow + Chopped)
Mathbonus – my brain is melting out of my ears and into tomorrow
custom milo synth bells mixed for good measure
Brenmar – Medusa (Falcons Remix) (Slowed) Unreleased
Rook Milo – Outland
Nas – Made You Look (Sangnoir Remix) Unreleased
Ryan Hemsworth – Hurt Me (with Katie Gately) Unreleased
Schoolboy Q – Studio (Promnite Edition)
t.a.T.u – Not Gonna Get Us (Purple Remix)
Ice Underlord – DON’T WASTE MY TIME
Rook Milo – Sleepers Unreleased
Waka Flocka Flame – Word to the Wise
King Louie – Val Venis (Acapella)
Rook Milo – Methadone Unreleased
Lil Durk – Dis Ain’t What U Want
Big Sean – 1st Quarter
Nell – Bust Ya Head Open (Feat. T-Rone, Big Bo & Denzel Curry)
Koopsta Knicca – Whatcha Gonna Do
Ty Dolla $ign – Still Sippin (Feat. Kirko Bangz)
Little Pain – Tommy Strawn
PartyNextDoor – Wild Bitches
Travi$ Scott – Don’t Play (Feat. Big Sean)
Luxsi Young Outro
Darko Boy – Bloodsport


Eyedress Hearing Colors Mixtape

Today, the killa from Manilla, producer, singer and video director Idris Vicuña aka Eyedress, released his debut mixtape Hearing Colors. The 23-year old artist makes fascinating electronic music with worldly influences touching on decades of the past, while using technology to not only tell stories, but give his music a feeling of “now.”

Frequent collaborator, Skint Eastwood's haunting vocals caress digital blips while hi-hats hiss, gaps between sounds reverb and exhale and all the while simulated mandolin riffs pay homage to his South-East Asian roots. 

With inspired visuals and an arsenal of explorative sounds, Eyedress is a producer not to be missed. 

Hearing Colors is a free download via Abeano/XL Recordings.


I premiered this fresh mixtape on Mass Appeal yesterday.

Alex Chapman is different. His music is different — different than most of the rap we post.@iChap, as he’s known by his friends on Twitter, hails from New York’s underground fashion-forward-art-crowd-hashtag-internet-celebrity-parties-at-the-Flat-in-Brooklyn scene. He’s a rapper. He’s gay. He’s also white. With pals like female rapper extraordinaire Chippy Nonstop and theYung Klout Gang, Chapman is part of a new genre of trendsetters challenging the music status quo. Of course, in the supermarket of music entertainment, there will always be an aisle reserved for Hatorade, but why hate someone thats just trying to make you smile?

There’s no denying that Chapman’s lolz-inducing lines are as thoughtfully clever as topical as they may be. Adding his own verses to 2 Chainz “Where U Been” building on the hook, “Bought a new crib just to f*** you in,” adding, “Bought a new bed just to tuck you in.” Or on his version of “Chum” he has fun with some melodic wordplay saying, “In my Earl Sweatshirt with the Earl Sweatpants, do you not know who, who the fuck I am, you my JuJu boo, I’m your Killa Cam.”

But Chapman is far from just surface level pun rapper. Whether it’s intentional or not, he’s more making a statement than just putting out a collection of tracks. He’s like the street artist Hanksy, of the music world; from the playfully taunting lyrics to the fact that he’s using recognizable beats to his Internet themed mixtape, complete with iMessage “drops”.

When it comes to Chapman’s actual sound, at times his lyrical style has striking similarities to Mykki Blanco and other times he illicits an angst not so unlike Eminem and The Marshall Mathers LP. But comparisons aside, what’s most notable is he’s developing a style and brand all his own. One we plan to have on repeat.

Mass Appeal is proud to present the album stream of iChap Vol. 1 for your listening pleasure. Presented by Saint, the mixtape includes guest appearances by up-and-comers, Jungle Pussy, Mess Kid, The GTW, Dai Burger and UNIIQUE.

Hartzine <3 Andriana Mixtape for Shuffler.fm

Every single day I’m lucky enough to get to spread the love across the webiverse for Shuffler.fm…and get paid doing it. I recently started a new mixtape series where I ask a different blog each week to create a sweet little mix that represents their taste that I can share on Shuffler’s blog. The best part about this series is I get to nerd out and ask my favorite music sites from around the world to participate. So far Live For The Funk, Tastes Like Caramel, Blogger Harder Faster, and The Swede Beat have all graciously hooked me up with a dope playlist for this series. Today one of my absolute FAVORITE sites, Hartzine created a mix that just made my year.

As most of the internet world knows me as “Dre” when I pretend like I’m an adult, I sign my full name “Andriana.” It’s definitely not a common name, so when Benoit of Hartzine sent over his mix titled “<3 Andriana” you can imagine just how much I blushed. I am just so touched. Thank you so much to Hartzine for continuing to amaze me, and for the wonderful mix and fantastic artwork!

STREAM Hartzine’s <3 Andriana Mixtape above and DOWNLOAD HERE.

<3 Andriana : a lovely mixtape just for an unknown girl / by hartzine

1. k o o l t h i n g - We Are Here
2. Western Walk - Hold On
3. Chromatics - The River
4. Bruce Springsteen - State Trooper (Trentemller Edit)
5. Summer Camp - Losing My Mind (St. Etienne Remix)
6. Black City Lights - Get Away
7. Chevalier Avant Garde Nie Rozumiem
8. Craft Spells - Talk about the Past
9. Grave Babies - Fuck Off
10. Coma Cinema - White Trash VHS (Drunk Version)

You can listen to Hartzine’s Music Channel on Shuffler.fm HERE.

Hartzine | Facebook | Twitter

MIXTAPE MONDAYS: Kwesachu Mixtape Vol. 2 (Micachu & The Shapes and Kwes)

Kwesachu Vol. 2 finally dropped last week, and it’s fucking dope. This is the only mix you need right now. I left if up to the artists to describe this project as they say it best, “Kwesachu started in 2008 with the release of the Kwesachu Vol. 1 mixtape: 50 minutes of cassette tape which proved that both artists were a match made in skewed pop heaven, and gave birth to ‘free pop’ – a philosophy of creating popular music that knows no boundaries, shuns no eccentricity and values inventiveness over any kind of rules that have gone before.”

Check the tracklist below and DOWNLOAD the mix HERE.

1. HCHMWBIA - ft. Ghostpoet/Grant Armour of CLOUT!
2. Dj Set - Micachu & Kwes.
3. Beast - Raisa.K ft. Evian Cafun
4. Awol - Amen (Micachu & Pete Wareham)
5. Plastic Coins - ft. Speech Debelle/DELS
6. (Ripped) Blossomshoes (excerpt) - w. CLOUT!
7. Visual Mind Control - ft. Speech Debelle
8. Bird Milk - ft. DELS/Bella Wilde
9. So What - ft. Bang On! & Lee Scott
10. Nothing - ft. Tirzah
11. Glub (excerpt) - Dorovio Bold
12. Papertigers - Action Pyramid
13. LGOYH (alt) - ft. Dels/Kwes./Elan Tamara/Hebe Jones/Evian Cafun/David Okumu of The Invisible
14. 7-5 (Change) - ft. Coby/Grant Armour of CLOUT!/Elan Tamara

Michachu & The Shapes | Website | Facebook

Kwes | Website | Facebook

MIXTAPE MONDAYS w/Peaking Lights, Bondax, Jackmaster and Ben UFO, and GITNB’s Dance Like Everyone’s Watching Mix!

I have to admit, I really look forward to my Mondays ever since I started this series. Each week is just crammed to the gill with hours of great curated music. For me mixtapes and playlists (especially those created by some of my favorite artists) have been a fantastic way to discover new music you would have never listened to otherwise.

Today is extra special as I finally took the time to create an extra dope new GITNB mix. Of course I pulled out all the stops and even got Jimmy Morris of Head Underwater to hook me up with some dope artwork. Cheers to the start of a great week.

Peaking LIghts Lucifer Mix

"Recorded in Brooklyn at Gary’s Electric studio over the course of a month, Peaking Lights consider Lucifer a nocturnal version of their sound. It’s slinkier and full of grooves. “To us this record is about play and playfulness, unconditional love, rhythms and pulses, creation and vibration,” says Coyes. Lucifer is also Peaking Lights’ most ambitious release to date in terms of its approach and scope. Through their studio experiments, the duo has managed to link their musical loves—dub, krautrock, analog electronic dance music, sound collages, pop music—all while maintaining cohesive songs. Lucifer was self-produced and engineered by Al Carlson (Yeasayer, Ford & Lopatin, 0PN).”  -via Mexican Summer


Peaking LIghts “20mix 12mix ARIES” Mix for International Tapes

"Brimming with modern hip hop and R&B stylings, with a little Bach and light hypnosis to kick things offs. It has no tracklist, but we can assure you that it is ideal Saturday listening. For that matter, it would make fine Sunday-Friday listening as well. Instructions for use: press play and let it ride.” -via Int Tapes


Gluttony Is The New Black - Dance Like Everyone’s Watching Mix

This is part of a very special April playlist for Exfm dropping tomorrow! Enjoy.

Onra - No Matter What
Grimes  -  Vowels = space and time 
Bwana   - This Is Real   
James & Evander  -  Welcome to Planet Dance 
Moon Boots  -  Off My Mind  
Blondes  - Lover  
Ital  -  Dub Me For Tonight (Saviour’s Love Megamix)   
Ambassadeurs  - Duke Red
Jacques Greene featuring Ango -  Flatline 
Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere
air france - it feels good to be around you   
Young Magic  - Jam Karet   
George Benson  -  Turn Your Love Around (Shit Hot SoundSystem Re-rub)     
Chairlift  -  Amanaemonesia   
Santigold  -  Disparate Youth   
YACHT  -  I Walked Alone (Jacques Renault Remix)
Azealia Banks & Machinedrum - NEEDSUMLUV (SXLND)
Prince  -  Controversy
Azari & III  -  Reckless (With Your Love)  
Two Inch Punch  -  Love You Up  
Schoolboy Q  -  There He Go   
Lapalux  -  Yellow 90’s 
SBTRKT  -  Wildfire (Drumma Boy remix feat. Shabazz Palaces)   
Jai Paul  -  Jasmine  

STREAM Dance Like Everyone’s Watching HERE.

WARM by Ben UFO & Jackmaster for ok-ni

Recorded live at Trouw at the start of this year, the mix is a tribute to that early stage of a night when people are still filtering in and things, slowly but surely, begin to gather momentum, as Ben explains:

“This mix is dedicated to the art of the warm-up set. The Colors night at Trouw in Amsterdam recently organised an event where Jack and I were booked alongside Oneman and Cinnaman, a line-up consisting of specialist DJs who don’t produce playing for the duration of the night.


Bondax Exclusive Mix for Dazed Digital

Peep the tracklist below and be sure to read the in-depth interview over at Dazed Digital.

I Keep Thinking Of You - Roberto Rodriguez
New Jack Swing - James Fox
Untroubled (TOYC Remix) - 123mrk
Never Gonna Let You Go (Kelly G Mix) - Tina Moore
Rack City (Mak & Pasteman Remix) - Tyga
Downtown - Look Like
Stomp (Cedaa Remix) - 5kinAndBone5
You’re So - Bondax
Feelin’ - Medla
Leave Your Keys - DJ Q
Do The Same (VIP) - Mak & Pasteman
Like Her Right There - Boxwork
Lonely Star feat. Jaja - Xao
You Knew - Mahs
Just Us - Bondax

STREAM Bondax’s mix HERE.

MIXTAPE MONDAYS (are back)! This week was pretty rad with exclusive artist mixes from some heavy hitters like Dauwd for 22tracks, Dazed Digital’s mix by Tim Noake, TRUST’s exclusive mix for i-D, and Young Diamonds Essential Zones Vol. 1

If you haven’t already peeped the Dauwd mix of his current faves I posted earlier today, please do that before passing go and collecting a whole slew of other goodies.

Dazed Digital March 2012 Playlist by Tim Noakes

  • Surph (Re-worked Ft. Nightwave) - Rustie
  • Vowells = Space and Time - Grimes
  • NoWayBack (Ft. Butterclock) - oOoOO
  • No Diggity - Chet Faker
  • I Tried So Hard - Night Works
  • In The Same Room - Julia Holter
  • I Felt Fuzzy - Kelpe
  • Voodoo Holiday - Alby Daniels
  • The Night - King Dinosaur
  • Now We Continue - White Car
  • Forget (Two Inch Punch’s ‘New Jack Thing’ Rework) - Lianne La Havas
  • Smooth - Sly & Robbie
  • Shortest Lady - Deborah Washington
  • Like Me - 2Chainz
  • Radio Song - Danny Brown
  • Pu$$y - Iggy Azalea
  • Paddling Out - Miike Snow
  • Seraphim - Simian Mobile Disco
  • Sex - Slugabed
  • No I Don’t - Nite Jewel
  • Fridge, Crank, Gun - Evian Christ
  • Electrify (Sega Bodega Remix) - Jakwob
  • Nova - Burial & Four Tet
  • Guardian Stay+
  • Skorokoro (Walking Away) ft. Okmalumkoolkat - Spoek Mathambo
  • Mr No - John Foxx
  • The Sound of the Crowd - Human League
  • Dark Steering - Squarepusher
  • Sik Sik Sik - Po Po
  • Robert Earl - GraneMarshall

Stream the entire mix HERE.

TRUST Exclusive Mix for i-D Magazine

No tracklist here, just a little over an hour of weird as fuck electronic jamz that range from chilled out and sexy to harshly thrashed 1990s video game electronic sounds plus edits of all kinds of pop and RnB favorites given an acid house vibe. Basically take every song you liked in the late 80s, early 90s, the handful of songs you have heard from TRUST and a lot of 2012 electronic music trends and you have this mix in a nutshell. It’s so fucking odd…but I like it. Especially when they slow that shit down and make it shake at the 43.42 mark.

Stream the entire mix HERE.

Young Diamonds Essential Zones Vol. 1 (via Crack in the Road)


  • Cos - Perhaps Next Record (from Viva Boma / 1976)
  • aBillion - Soldiers (from aBillion / 2011)The System - Don’t Disturb This Groove (Vocal Edit) (from Sweat / 1983)
  • The New Division - Starfield (from The Rookie / 2010)
  • David Bowie - Ashes to Ashes (from Scary Monsters & Super Creeps / 1980)
  • The Cure - Six Different Ways (from The Head on the Door / 1985)
  • Scritti Politti - Hypnotize (from Cupid & Psyche 85 / 1985)
  • Oneohtrix Point Never - Months (from Rifts / 2009)
  • Lindsey Buckingham - DW Suite (Part 1) (from Go Insane / 1984)
  • CFCF - Raining Patterns (from Continent / 2009)
  • Bill Wyman - Nuclear Reactions (from Bill Wyman / 1982)
  • Brian Eno & John Cale - Spinning Away (from Wrong Way Up / 1990)
  • Arthur Russell - You Can Make Me Feel Bad (from Calling Out of Context / 2004)
  • Active Child - Hanging On (from Adult Swim Singles Program / 2011)
  • Jill Jones - Violet Blue (vocal samples) (from Jill Jones / 1987)

DOWLOAD the entire mix HERE.

GITNB’s Guide to SXSBest Week Ever Pt. I: The Mixtape

Well SXSW 2012 is finally here! I have compiled a list of my top 50 acts to check, a ton of other greats acts, as well as some heavy hitters that if you get the chance you should also check out. Stream on 8tracks above and click on any of the links below to get the music directly from the artists. Be on the look out for part II of my SXSW Guide dropping today too. Enjoy!

1. Peaking Lights - Hey Sparrow (d’Eon Remix)
2. Young Magic - Jam Karet
3. Future Unlimited - Golden
4. Tanlines - All of Me
5. Yellow Ostrich - Marathon Runner
6. Princeton - Remembrance of Things To Come
7. Jonti feat. The Stepkids - The Days Have Turned
8. THEESatisfaction - QueenS
9. Blood Orange - Forget It
10. MMOTHS feat. Superhumanoids - Summer
11. Korallreven -  As Young As Yesterday
12. Computer Magic - Electronic Fences
13. Trust - Bulb Form (Trust Mix)
14. SBTRKT - Hold On (Unknown Edit)
15. Kimbra - Settle Down
16. Harriet - I Slept With All Your Mothers
17. Alabama Shakes - Hold On
18. Secret Mountains - Weepy Little Fingers (Winter Session Recording)
19. Au Palais - Pathos
20. Chrome Sparks - Miss You (feat. Steffaloo)
21. Tycho - Dive
22. Charli XCX - Valentine
23. Hooray For Earth - True Loves
24. Niki and the Dove - DJ Ease My Mind
25. Caves - 1993
26. Javelin - Day Job
27. Doldrums - I’m Home Sick Sittin Up Here In My Satellite
28. White Rabbits - Heavy Metal
29. Fiona Apple - Criminal
30. Young Man - Then and Now
31. Radiation City - The Colour of Industry
32. Youth Lagoon - Cannons
33. Polica - Amongster
34. Plants & Animals - Light Show
35. La Sera - Please Be My Third Eye
36. Blouse - Ghost Dream
37. Hundred Waters - Caverns
38. Shlohmo - Wen Uuu
39. Anenon - This Is What I Meant
40. d’Eon - Transparency
41. Jacques Greene - Flatline
42. Boyfriend - Egyptian Wrinkle
43. Some Ember - Era of Wind
44. CFCF - Exercise #3 (Building)
45. The Twilight Sad - Another Bed
46. Nick Waterhouse - Some Place
47. Nicolaas Jaar - Don’t Break My Love
48. Supreme Cuts - Belly
49. Exit Music - The Sea
50. Blondes - Amber
51. Peaking Lights - All The Sun That Shines

Guide to acts that didn’t make my top 50 but are also great
1,2,3 * Taken by Trees *Cold Specks * Craft Spells * Jackmaster * Dive *Haim * White Rabbits * Savior Adore * Friends * Fidlar * Body Language * Salva * Beat Connection * Sonnymoon * Tops * Silver Swans* Groundislava * Waters * Lushlife * Shigeto * Brick + Mortar * Girl in a Coma * Dirty Ghosts * Jacques lu cont * The Men * Fort Lean * Il Abianco * A.Dd+ * Ghosts on Tape * Pressed And * Chrome Sparks * Little Hurricane * Class Actress * Dustin Wong * Slow Club *  Gardens & Villa * Oberhofer * Tennis * Ghosts on Tape * Guards *Star Slinger * Widowspeak * Cities Aviv * Sleep Over * LIGHT ASYLUM *ALLAH LAS * Races * White Arrows * Pajama People * Cloud Nothings * We Were Promised Jet Packs * Lower Dens * Dent May * Dinosaur Feathers * Typhoon * Teengirl Fantasy * Shimmering Stars * Reptar * PAPA * Hooray For Earth * Com Truise * Lee Fields & The Expressions * Bleached * Bass Drum of Death * Crystal Antlers * Letting Up Despite Great Faults * The Fresh & Only’s * Amen Dunes * Psychic Ills * Sun Araw * Feeding People

Acts that played huge showcases in 2011 that you should also check out
Fiona Apple * Zola Jesus * Chairlift  * Miike Snow * Sharon Van Etten * Purity Ring * Shearwater * Grimes

The sick artwork is by Tanner Pikop of Phantom Kicks

MIXTAPE MONDAYS! with Faws’ mix for The 405, Young Magic’s bits and pieces mix, BBU’s bell hooks, Earnest Endeavor’s mix for Sonic Router and the strangest of strange from Rose Quartz and Police Academy 6!

The 405 Plastic Platform C09: Faws

The elusive Irish producer, Faws made serious waves in 2011 with his EP Antonym, and started 2012 off right by dropping a sick little mixtape for UK outfit The 405. This mix gives some insight into the young artist’s influences, which were unclear besides the obvious Mount Kimbie and Burial similarities. Love that he has Portishead and Dr Dre in there. Makes so much sense. STREAM HERE.

  • Actress - Harrier ATTK
  • Portishead - Numb
  • Dr. Dre - Pause 4 Porno
  • Faws - Camille
  • DJ Koze & Lila Pause - Station 17
  • Mobb Deep - Temperatures Rising (instrumental)
  • Lee Dorsey - Give It Up
  • Blak Twang - Red Letters
  • Erykah Badu - The Healer
  • Monto - Caramusa
  • Eskmo - Come Back (Lorn Remix)
  • Grace Jones - My Jamaican Guy
  • Rick James - Mary Jane
  • Big Pun - I’m Not A Player
  • Faws - Take Notice
  • Fats Waller - Two Sleepy People

Young Magic  - Maps C A S S E T T E

My favorite act of 2011 and 12, with what is sure to be a top 10 album of the year, Young Magic released “The Maps Mix last week, which is a collection of Young Magic rarities, remixes, demos, field recordings, flips, beats, b-sides from Melt and whatever else they made over the last year that didn’t fit the LP. It’s a home for all the other sounds we’ve been making…a rough beat tape of sketches cut together in a moment. Think of it as our sonic scrapbook.”


bell hooks BBU Mixtape

There’s no denying Mishka has proven to be one of the illest lifestyle outlets in the game. Everything they produce is just top notch. This BBU mixtape is their latest effort showing the music world just how on top of their game they are. I am trying to evolve and stop hating on new rap, and this BBU mixtape is the start of that for me. There is a big Southside Chicago feel to this mixtape, which I dig, and the more I listened the more this sounded reminded me of old school jamze from RJD2 and even Too Short, and at other times it felt like 1978 when funk and soul were beginning to blend into what would soon be called “rap music”. Overall there is this throwback vibe that BBU is able to transport into 2012 unleashing a refreshing update while paying tribute his hip hop roots. Oh and did I mention it’s fucking funny? Rap should always be like this.

  • Wake Up Call by Malcolm London
  • Outlaw Culture [Prod. by The Schwarz]
  • The Hood (Feat. GLC) [Prod. by Classick]
  • Beau Sia [Prod. by Stefan Ponce
  • Mr. Goodbar (Interlude) 
  • Jumpers [Prod. by Tony Baines] 
  • Kurt De La Rocha [Prod. by Tony Baines] 
  • Michael Scott (Skit) 
  • There’s Something About Mary [Prod. by Montana Macks] 
  • BBU PSA by Epic 
  • 26th & Cali [Prod. by Montana Macks]
  • Cormega [Prod. by Montana Macks]
  • Spaghetti (Feat. Mic Terror) [Prod. by Tony Baines] 
  • The Wrong Song [Prod. by Stefan Ponce] 
  • Tommy Bunz [Prod. by Tapez] 
  • Please, No Pictures (Feat. Das Racist) [Prod. by The Hood Internet] 
  • Mr. Good Bar (Outro) 

Darkhouse Fam [Earnest Endeavours] – Sonic Router Mix #122

Earnest Endeavors is Instrumental hip hop with influences spanning the globe, that has tickled my ears with pure delight as of late. Sonic Router asked Earnest Endeavors to put together a lil’ mix to go along with a short interview they did with the duo. Be sure to check out both. Press play above, and read the interview HERE.

01 – Chanan Hanspal – Field Of Fire (Darkhouse Fam Remix)
02 – Darkhouse Fam feat. Om’Mas Keith – Take on the World
03 – Kenlo – ???
04 – MED – Flying High (prod. Madlib)
05 – Metabeats – Battery Funk
06 – Metabeats – Wireless
07 – Stagga – Billy Tell Remix
08 – Darkhouse Fam – Tartan Paint
09 – Sa-Ra Creative Partners – God Made Dirt
10 – Darkhouse Fam – Red Leather
11 – Hudson Mohawke x Dam Funk – Tell Me What You Want From Me
12 – Aaliyah – Rock The Boat (Vula Remix)
13 – Opolopo – Step Into The Light
14 – Madlib – Do You Know? (transition)
15 – Darkhouse Fam – Where is Everyone?
16 – Metabeats – Bootney Fawnsworth

ROSE QUARTZ Police Academy 6

The kings of weird come together with another oddball fave Police Academy 6 on this mixtape featuring some heavy hitting newcomers on the scene like Persona La Ave, o F F L o v e, Shady Blaze and Teamm Jordann

Persona La Ave – When I’m Alone
∑NRON HUBB∆RD – The Universe on Acid
o F F Love – close to u, i’m not (Neuport juke)
Shady Blaze – Let That Beat Go
Candy Painted – Earthquakes
Kodak to Graph – Lo Lindora
Ryan Hemsworth – Sulk
MADDEN – ♒☺❤U MAD❤☺♒
Triple Six Sound Club – Bassed God
Beautiful Lou – A Beautiful Production (Party Trash chop and screw)
Arrete – Im not waiting anymore
H E a D B a N D – s m o k e r i n g s
Teamm Jordann – Ass Clap Therapy (20,000 Hits) feat. Labanna Babalon

Perseus Dazed Digital Mix

This mix is thirty of the most amazing minutes you will hear all year. Perseus is the fucking master at creating a basstastic vibe, transforming all the faves from Justin Timberlake, Robin S., and PM Dawn to Aaliyah and The Source into instant nu-disco groove anthems. This is where emerging music is headed, so get on the French Express and don’t stop dancing until they kick you off the mutherfunking train. This mixtape was instantly one of my favorites of 2012, so since Mixtape Mondays has been extended, I decided to revisit one of the stand outs. Enjoy!

Read Leon Oziel, the mastermind behind Perseus and French Express's interview with Dazed Digital that accompanies this mix HERE.

Perseus | Website | Soundcloud | Facebook