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Nicolas Jaar & Theatre Roosevelt The Ego

This is so fucked, and I love it. Ghostly grumbles, rhythmic swooshes, beats and clanks, plus that signature Nic Jaar bassline. 

Every time I see Nic Jaar live, I appreciate him more, even though he is a huge douche in interviews. I mean, the ego is the most expensive thing…

Faws: Other People’s Poetry Mixtape for Yours Truly
Excited to say I had a hand in making this Yours Truly mix happen. Big fan of Faws, and absolutely love how he put this mix together. Love the hand written note from his mum too. 
Omar-S – J.A.i.P.U.R
Jan Jenilek – Tendency
Manitoba – Dunas, Ontario
Zomby – Salamander
David Douglas – California Poppy
Faws – Whitney
Nicolas Jaar – Encore
Daft Punk – Something About Us
Faws – Your Body
Flying Lotus – Auntie’s Lock/Infinitum (feat. Laura Darlington)
Faws – Take Notice
Holy Other – Touch
Gang Colours – To Repel Ghosts
Faws – For Those Two Try

Nicolas Jaar "Variations" Yours Truly In My Room Session

I decided to take today to talk about what I’ve been listening to a lot lately, versus what I have been writing about. Often they are the same thing, but every now and then I get caught up in the new new game. I needed to take a step back and gather my thoughts, and this is what I have come up with.

Kicking off today’s theme of music I have been obsessing over is Yours Truly’s (always) fantastic In My Room video series, this time with Nicolas Jaar and his Darkside project. I had a chance to catch this set live at SXSW and I was really impressed. They way he thinks about music and sounds is on such another level. He’s a philosopher that is always questioning and looking to approach the answer from a new angle or medium. And in true philosopher style, Nicolas Jaar’s music raises questions in the listener as well. Really fascinating work.

Nicolas Jaar | Website | Facebook | Label

Get To Know Your Neighbor: A Blog On Blog Interview Series #6 Jeff Weiss of Passion of the Weiss

So welcome to the sixth installment of my bi-monthly series on GITNB. It’s my way of saying thanks to those folks that have been cool to me, and a chance to give back to the community that I love so much. This was also an opportunity for me to give you, the reader, some insight into the blogs that have influenced me. Consider it my own personal take on #FF (Follow Fridays). The series will consist of a five question interview with a different blogger/writer each time, along with a few word associations and of course, a list of what you should be listening to. Hopefully you’ll discover a new blog or artist you haven’t heard of yet. You might even learn something new.

In the war that is music commentary Jeff Weiss is the most decorated soldier, and with good reason. A staff writer at Pitchfork, contributor to SPIN, to having his own column at LA Weekly, writing for the LA Times, being a regular contributor to Mary Anne Hobbs’s XFM Music Response Show, and receiving endless praise as the editor of his own blog Passion of the Weiss, the list goes on. Jeff is this mix of all the upper-middle class white kids at hip hop shows, and the cool kid that always had weed and would throw dope parties in high school…except this is his life now. Spouting anecdotes about what festivals and music used to be while writing about them for the biggest publications in music, he walks this fine line of cynicism that we can relate to, coupled with this dorky music fan, who is genuinely excited to see his favorite rap group enthusiasm, that people are really drawn to.

As much as he’ll kill me for saying it, Jeff’s one of those tortured souls in a Death Cab For Cutie, “This hurts so much I can barely lift my hand, let alone write the words, but I wouldn’t have it any other way” kind of way. It’s all or nothing. He’s not going to be the writer you want him to be, and he’s never going to sugarcoat or dumb it down for you. What he will do is paint a picture and write a compelling argument about why you should listen, and essentially respect him as a writer.  He’s not trying to win you over, or convince you that this is going to be your favorite act for the next five summers, instead he’s taking a couple mp3’s and attaching meaning to them, essentially he’s humanizing them. He’s making his words something that you not only want to read, but have to read. It’s an art I greatly admire, and the fact that he can do it with a sense of humor, well he’s truly one-of-a-kind. You da man Jeff. Thanks for playing.

Read what Jeff Weiss says you should be listening to and the interview after the jump!

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Shlohmo Rained the Whole Time (Nicolas Jaar remix) Video

A video for Nicolas Jaar’s stellar remix of Shlohmo’s ”Rained the Whole Time”  premiered today, and because I dig this track so much I wanted to share it. I would imagine this is what babies stare at all day inside the womb, minus the face and subliminal text… Maybe they see that in the womb too. Hit play and let me know if you agree.

"Rained the Whole Time" is off Shlohmo’s Vacation EP via Friends of Friends, get it HERE.

(via GvB)

SXSBest Week Ever: Diary of Indie’s Favorite Party Girl SXSW 2012 Wrap Up: Saturday

Alright, I’ve dragged out my SXSW 2012 hangover long enough and it’s time to get back to the real world. Not without first wrapping up my week with a picture heavy post on the last day of SXSW, Saturday March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day), which ended up being my favorite day overall. In case you missed any of my previous wrap ups, I’ve included links below. Can’t wait for SXSW 2013, Hot N’ Ready Crew 4 Eva

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MWTX SXSW Day Party 2012
Acts I Saw: Fidlar, Nick Waterhouse and the Tarots
Party Favors: Free swag from Seagate (Sunglasses, t-shirts, cups, etc), Neuro Drinks
Voice %: 65-70%
Highlights: Nick Waterhouse and the Tarots blew me away

Fader Fort Presented by Converse
Acts I Saw: Blouse, DIVE, Kindness, Sepalcure (DJ Set), Blondes (DJ set), SBTRKT, Pure X, Darkside
Party Favors: Sharpies to tag up the tile and furniture in the Fader lounge, free Bushmills Lemonade and Budweiser, Roberta’s Pizza, Fader Magazines, photobooth, beats by Dre (not free), ping pong tables, Sirius Radio broadcasting live, lawn chairs, people watching
Voice %: 70%
Highlights: SBTRKT was the overall highlight, Darkside, Pure X, Blouse, Kindness being a shitshow of an act, feeling like five shows were taking place on the stage at once, the dj sets were dope, tagging up the lounge, overall set up was the best I have seen it

XLR8R ICEE HOT SXSW Official Showcase
Acts I Saw: Blondes, Total Freedom, Brenmar (dj set), Shawn Reynaldo (dj set)
Party Favors: Kind of cheap drinks, drugs that made me feel like dancing
Voice %: 70% and ready to party
Highlights: Blondes, Blondes, Blondes- they are so fucking dope live. Go see them. Total Freedom and Shawn Reynaldo (XLR8R editor) were also dope, Brenmar sucked, crowd was super clubby regulars which I was not a fan of, but the music made everything alright

Hype Machine Hype Hotel Closing Night Party
Acts I Saw: Wavves, The Knocks
Party Favors: So much free booze, Doritos tacos, bean and cheese burritos
Voice %: no idea, I’m on drugs
Highlights: Getting drunk with the drummer from The Drums, people having sex at the Taco Bell station, Jacob from Wavves being hilarious, The Knocks being fun at 3am on the last night of SXSW- it just felt right

Bandpage HQ Afterparty:
I feel asleep on one of the couches and got kicked out, and don’t remember the rest but I heard Hudson Mohawke and Lunice’s new project TNGHT played their debut set there earlier

Hot N’ Ready House 4am-6am Afterparty
Acts I Saw: DJ Sets from Itsadredogg and Epicsauce
Party Favors: Shots of vodka soaked gummy bear juice, vodka, Hot N’ Ready’s
Voice %: raspy, inaudible
Highlights: Team Hot n’ Ready bonding, dance party, me knocking over pictures, confirmation that a SXSW Saturday night afterhours party sponsored by Little Casears with 30 bands doing 30 second sets because that’s how long it takes to order and pick up a hot n’ ready…in the middle of a field is 100% happening in 2013

Hot n’ Ready slices consumed: at least 3
Taco Bell Products consumed: 2 tacos, 2 burritos ?
Party favors: Bushmills and lemonade all day, Titos, Segrams 7 and ginger ale all night, designer party drugs with no names
Highlights: Nick Waterhouse, SBTRKT, Darkside, Blondes, Hot n’ Ready House afterparty

Top Quotes:
“Awkard drinking moments part 27”
“I wonder where Nick Waterhouse buys so many styles of high waisted men’s jeans in a size 27.”
“So Pure X is like Peaking Lights…but really good live.”
“We get around, still tweeting for the underground.”
“When you save seats for people at a festival everyone hates you”
"Girls wearing heels at #SXSW You’re an idiot”
“Woke up in someone else’s pee.”
“What time is SBTRKT and where is the Faded Fort?”
“Tipsy networking = good bands playing, but you’re not sure.”
“Best new band of SXSW 2012: Taco Bell Doritos Loco Tacos”
“@Skrillex @atrak @HolyGhostNYC #MichaelMcDonald at #VIPfest #sxsw 4 am #rumors #killingit 1 in, 1 out at this point” -@Hipsterrunoff

Photos courtesy of Jenna Mason, Tanner Pikop and my Iphone

Shlohmo Wen Uuu (Evenings Remix) 

Two of my favorite electronic artists, Shlohmo and Evenings come together for a collision of sparks and sounds that will leave a mark on your psyche that you can’t rub off easily. These are two distinct styles that married so well, I was instantly in love. 

Shlohmo’s 2012 EP Vacation is really something special in it’s own right, but goes the extra mile and offers up remixes from Nicolas Jarr, D33J, Airhead, Salva and Evenings. Be sure to wipe the drool off your mouth after you peep the tracklist below.

1. The Way U Do

2. Wen uuu

3. Rained The Whole Time

4. The Way U Do (Airhead Remix)

5. Wen uuu (Salva Remix)

6. Rained The Whole Time (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

7. Way U Do (D33J Remix)

8. Wen uuu (Evenings Remix)

Buy Shlohmo’s Vacation EP from Friends of Friends Music HERE.

Shlohomo | Wedidit | Bandcamp | Facebook 

When Saints Go Machine Fail Forever (Nicholas Jaar Remix)


I told you I was going to take Mixtape Mondays into Tuesday, and I wasn’t kidding. This mixtape is so fantastic it needed a day and it’s very own post. This hypersoul mix was created by one of the best places to buy indie music on the web, Boomkat as a way to showcase the tracks they have had on heavy rotation as of late.

I couldn’t be more enthused with their selection. Read their reasons for throwing this mix together below, and peep my favorite track off the mix above, a Nicolas Jaar remix of When Saints Go Machine's “Forever Fail.” Get’s really fucking weird and needed to be revisited. Other faves on this comp include Two Inch Punch, Vondelpark, Jacques Greene and Aluna George. I am obsessed with everything about this mix. You will be too. Stream the entire mix below via Boomkat.

What with Whitney’s untimely passing and the fug of Valentine’s day still lingering, it only seemed right to round up the best R&Bass/Soul-infused electronica from our digital stockpile this week. OK, maybe it’s a sideways take on the chart sound, but nonetheless these guys have definitely got their soul flow on. There’s straight-up vocal aces from Ango, AlunaGeorge and dBridge, beside pitch-shifting, autotuned stunts from o F F Love and Ifan Dafydd, while the likes of Nicolas Jaar, Ifan Dafydd and James Blake serve their subtly warped, blue-eyed perspective on matters of the heart. You also get tracks to make you bump - the frisky Teeth remix of Luomo, Two Inch Punch’s infectious ‘Love You Up’ and Jacques Greene’s plush ‘Flatline’ - and sublime moments like Neon Cloud’s ‘o’ and Shlohmo’s sensitive delicacy ‘Wen Uuu’. Whatever you choose to do with them, be safe kids, and take care of each other, yeah?

Buy the 14 track Hypersoul Mix from Boomkat HERE.