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MY 2013 SXSW Wrap Up: #FOMO and Loathing @ the Music Festival


Here’s the version of my wrap up that didn’t make onto The Line Of Best Fit. Photos by Tonje Thilesen.

A trip to Austin’s infamous South By Southwest festival is not complete without experiencing a set of extreme emotions - from the disappointment at missing a set or not getting into your party of choice, catching surprise guest performances, free swag you actually want and the IRL hangs with online pals. SXSW has become about much more than just music, it’s become a showcase of your culture. What your outlet, be it a label, booking agency, clothing brand, or Taco Bell represents on a larger scale. Where you choose to sit says a lot about where you stand. The below wrap up includes a mix of music, parties and showcases in an attempt to summarize the best moments of a seriously intense week. 


For reasons still unknown to modern man, Wednesday’s party itinerary happens to be the most stacked day of SXSW this year. With amazing line-ups and events spanning Austin’s dusty concrete plains, I manage to take in a good mix of it all without feeling like I’ve just run a marathon without proper training (not recommended).

Music website Pretty Much Amazing - along with Danger Village PR - host a free day-party that includes green Danger Village tote-bag survival kits, packed with boxes of delicious Vita Coco Cafe Latte drinks (they tasted like coffee and the milk after you eat Cocoa Pebbles), chapstick and more.

While I down as many coconut waters as I can to avoid the impending hangover, I’m treated to a performance by Brooklyn’s Empress Of. Recently signed to Double Demin and having played their first show ever only last October, singer Lorely Rodriguez garners a sweetly earnest performance that’s captivating in such a pleasantly surprising way. Delicate harmonies looped on-the-fly dance across wailing synths and sexy guitar riffs, as the crowd sways along to her words. In any other circumstance this setup might come across as lackluster but Lorely’s innocent charm and earthly vocals marry all of the pieces of this live set together wonderfully.

The highly anticipated Megablaag event, hosted by blogs Ears of the Beholder and Yvynyl - along with music discovery site Exfm - kick off on Wednesday with a private two-hour open bar, music/tech mixer. The party flows from the inner bar and DJ area of Lipstick 24 to the back patio where guests groove to DJ sets by San Francisco producer Giraffage, and producer/drummer/singer, Jeremy Malvin aka Chrome Sparks.

Though just a DJ set, the rising producer-to-watch plays a smokin’ upbeat mix of new and old tunes, as well as tracks from his fantastic, recently released Sparks EP that has the crowd buzzing off more than just the free alcohol.

As the open bar comes to a close and the larger part of the venue opens up for acts Autre Nu Veut, High Highs, Alex Bleeker and the Freaks and more, the party overflows with music fans and industry folks alike looking to catch some great acts while mingling with the people writing about them for your favourite sites.

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Disclosure, Jackmaster, Wreck Tech, Melo X and Jesse Boykins all on East Village Radio in the same day. WIN. 

East Village Radio for the win yesterday with special guests, Disclosure on Belly of the Beast, Jackmaster and Wreck Tech on Gold River Show and Melo X and Jesse Boykins on Worldwide Smash. All three of these shows were fantastic, I can’t say it enough, if you need music to stream and get excited about, EVR hooked you up big time.

My first night back from traveling and it was fucking excellent thanks to EVR. All three sessions were filled with exclusives, rare vinyl delights and of course some stellar mixing skillz all making my nightmare of a comedown much easier to deal with.

Stream all of the live session goodness HERE.

Slugabed Wake Up feat. Szjerdene

File Under: Things I’m excited about

Guessing Slugabed’s forthcoming 7” (with da instrumental B side) is coming out on Ninja Tune soon.

Kid Koala 8 bit Blues (Official Video)

YES. Needed this. One shot videos are the shit. Kid Koala with that grand entrance stroll, welcome back son…

Kid Koala’s album 12 bit Blues drops September 17th via Ninja Tune, pre-order HERE.

Check tha artwork below. Silly. “Amaze your friends with real sounds” …and I love it.

Kid Koala | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Bonobo All In Forms (Letherette Remix)

So good. I’ll share it another 17,000 times if you let me. 

Ninja Tune for the win on this release.

The Invisible Wings (Floating Points Remix)

Floating Points couldn’t have created more afternoon basking in the moment perfection if he tried. This track dreamily drifts along the ethereal mist of the rippling current of The Invisible’s original track. I want to live inside this jam forever. Will you have me?

This is a rip from Benji B’s Show on BBC Radio 1, but if you want to hear a legit version, The Guardian hooked you up with a proper stream earlier today. Check it out HERE.

The Invisible’s “Wings” single and Floating Points Remix are on pre-order now via Ninja Tune.

Slugabed Sex (Video)

As Slugabed puts it, his latest 12” is the “Soundtrack to your nights of digital pleasure-seeking.”  Like a new age update of the Knight Rider theme, or a really really dope Lexus commercial, (I haven’t decided yet) Slugabed brings a funk heavy feel to sexed up computer games to his latest single ‘Sex’. The video for this track is hilarious and combines my love of sex beats and infomercials, so of course I’m all about it. It’s great when artists don’t take themselves too seriously and can fuck around like this too.

The track ‘Sex’ itself is this sweet mix of Chromeo Fancy Footwork vibes, a shitload of 12 year, old 90s era nerds playing Nintendo and PC computer games, plus some serious synth and effects, all piled on top of each other and vaporized. Smooth. Be sure to snag a copy of this release while you can, which includes remixes of the single ‘Sex’ by Daedelus and Groundislava.

Slugabed’s single Sex 12” and digital DL are out now and his debut album Time Team drops 4/20 via Ninja Tune, get em’ all HERE.

Slugabed | Soundcloud | Facebook