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ILLLS Bathroom Floor + Teeth Video

Last spring I wrote about mysterious duo, ILLLS playing their first show as the openers for Youth Lagoon at Purling Hiss in Oxford MS, while creating quite a stir online with two incredible garage-psych songs wielding a slightly du-wop, pop exuberance complete with wild jangly guitar riffs, and clammoring drums over sing-songy reverbed shrills that had me shakin’ in my boots in anticipation for more tunes. Well the duo are back with a disgustingly weird video for their single “Teeth” and an announcement that an EP is on the way via The Sounds of Sweet Nothing. If that name sounds familiar, it’s the same label that released Au Palais and Gross Magic’s well received 2011 albums, two of my personal faves.

ILLLS is made up of musicians from local Oxford bands’ Slow Talk (Steven Ross) and Fat Possum signed act Young Buffalo, falling in the vein of other Oxford faves like Dead Gaze, and Dent May. ILLLS have stumbled upon a patch of southern-soaked, experimental gaze all their own, and it’s insanely infectious. Take a listen to their new single “Bathroom Floor” and watch the video for their catchy single, “Teeth” below. Great stuff.

ILLLS Dark Paradise drops 6/17 via The Sounds of Sweet Nothing, pre-order HERE.

ILLLS | Bandcamp 


Apparently playing playing their first show ever only weeks ago, according to a Facebook invite for a show at Dude Ranch in Oxford, MS, as the opening act for Youth Lagoon, the “mysterious” new band ILLLS have been kicking up some serious dust in the indie music scene. I stumbled onto this band due to that very Facebook invite continuing to pop up on my page of “Friends Events.” I’m actually curious if Fat Possum sponsored the invite as a publicity stunt. Regardless, this is one instance I’m glad I clicked.

With only two incredible garage-psych songs, wielding a slightly du-wop, pop exuberance, released thus far, I am shakin’ in my boots with anticipation for more tunes.

If the rumors are correct, ILLLS is made up of musicians from local Oxford, MS bands Slow Talk (Steven Ross) and Young Buffalo. Which makes sense as the two songs fall in vein of these bands, along with other Oxford faves Dead Gaze, and Dent May. They sound a bit like Portland’s Nurses too. Whoever they are, this newly forged exploration into southern-soaked, experimental gaze is insanely infectious. Can’t wait to hear more.


ILLLS | Bandcamp | Facebook Invite | Cats Purring

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Dead Gaze It’s Not Real

Dead Gaze’s new track "It’s Not Real" is 90’s nostalgia in the best possible way. Sing songy, Nirvana-esque, with strange and almost desperately pleading lyrics that grasp at your psyche in an effort to get you to stay and listen just a while longer.

Firetalk Records that put out Dead Gaze’s fantastic 2010 Take Me Home or I Die Alone 7”, has provided such an apt description of the R. Cole Furlow’s music, that there’s nothing left for me to do but quote it and appreciate Firetalk that much more:

"Pour a bucket of swamp water on some intricately crafted garage-psyche jams and listen through a tin can telephone. This is Dead Gaze the handle of Mississippi’s favorite son Cole Furlow. These two jams will melt your mind and your heart and leave you begging for a mercy fuck."

Pre-order Dead Gaze’s five song 10” from Group Tightner Records.

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