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Plants and Animals I’ll Believe In Anything (Wolf Parade Cover) + Lightshow mp3

This cover of Wolf Parade’s “I’ll Believe In Anything,” actually gives me chills…and I suck the souls of 21 yr old boys daily, so that’s really saying something. This cover is really fantastic and has such a wonderful introduction by the band. Fucking Canadians man, such darlings.  

Here’s the generic part about where this video came from that clearly I didn’t write: The live cover comes from the band’s “Live at Breakglass” performance during the Pop Montreal Festival in September of last year. The renowned Montreal studio hosted a combined live recording / intimate concert event as part of the tenth anniversary of the festival. Plants and Animals celebrated the milestone by covering local Montreal acts in addition to performing their own material.

I actually discovered Plants and Animals back in 2008 through my boyfriend at the time. He had suggested Plants and Animals to me because he was tired of me listening to Wolf Parade on repeat day in and day out in our little San Francisco apartment. I really dug the band’s 2008 release Parc Avenue, in which they capitalized on the Wolf Parade/Sunset Rubdown/Montreal indie rock hype. Their 2010 release was dark and weird, and I kind of just wrote it off.

Truth be told, Plants and Animals similaries to the (for now) disbanded Wolf Parade are uncanny. Their latest single “Lightshow,” is filled with scratchy electronic guitar hooks and catchy, disheartened lyrics that touch on the so many points that hit too close to home. Some of lead singer Warren Spicer’s vocals actually sound a lot like Win Butler of Arcade Fire. But it’s their post-rock, slightly Americana harmonies that keep me coming back for more, while setting the trio apart from other Montreal greats already inducted into the indie rock hall of fame.

This is a release I’m actually really looking forward to this year. Plants and Animals 7” The End of That drops February 28th via Secret City Records.

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