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Radiation City Find It Of Use Video

While You Were Out…

Since the past few weeks have been consumed with travel, shit internet connections and well, a lack of time, it feels like all my social networks are one giant memo pad that reads “While You Were Out.” You see, I didn’t forget about all this good stuff, I just haven’t had a chance to sit down and write a post about it. So now I’m playing catch up with all the great videos I missed. The plan is to post them this week until they have all been shared with the world. Good shit y’all need to see and hear.

They say the writing process for many artists is a form of catharsis. They pour every ounce of themselves into a record, and once it’s written there is a tremendous weight lifted. In the case of my Portland budz Radiation City, they had one more thing to do for their catharsis to be complete.  Of course I’m talking about this fantastic video of band members smashing a piano to pieces, to the tune of their latest single, "Find It of Use."

This song is big and dramatic, with an ending that has an epic feel to it, like a gigantic wave crashing on a beach. I can’t help but feel like Rad City’s latest jam would be fantastic music to do a sexy, slowed down salsa dance to. As with their earlier tunes, the band infuses a vintage, “simpler time” feel with a slight Latin/Copacabana/old Hollywood vibe that is really wonderful.

Radiation City’s 7 song EP Cool Nightmare drops March 6th on Tender Loving Empire.

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Lands & Peoples Lands & Peoples EP

Dicovered Lands & Peoples during a chat sesh with the one and only, Jimmy “my blog sucks” Morris. Sent it over to my Northwest budz Radiation City, and now they are playing a show together in August.

Let me tell you, that show is going to be hot. Both these bands have some serious lungs on them, and a luscious “simpler times” feel that they create so effortlessly. So many beautiful voices and instruments overflowing in one magical evening. Wish I could be there. If you’re in DC keep your eyes peeled

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Radiation City The Color Of Industry

I am extremely excited and honored to finally be able to announce the signing of my dear friends Radiation City to Portland record label, Tender Loving Empire

Like a first love, Radiation City comes out of nowhere, and goes straight to your core. Giddy shakes and chills come over you as you listen to the opening track “Babies”. You can actually feel the love as Lizzy Ellison’s melodic voice carries you off into a dream you hope to never wake from. Much like a first love, that is now a vintage moment in your closet of memories, opening up the door brings those feelings rushing back like it was just yesterday. Rad City has masterfully achieved a classic feel to their sound, while bringing their own modern twist on what beautiful music should be, all the while never entirely letting you go, long after their record has stopped spinning…

But this record is about much more than making beautiful tunes, it’s about building a community of musicians through their artist run cassette label Apes Tapes comprised of people passionate about their craft, coming together, to create incredible works of art.

One of the most heartfelt and ingeniously devised records you will hear this year, The Hands That Take You drops this fall via Tender Loving Empire.

Here’s to the beginning! Congrats guys!

Photo by Mike Harper

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