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Ginuwine In those jeans (Murlo remix)


Listen to more clever tracks on Murlo’s Soundcloud.

FALCONS Vroom + Googley (From Remixxes Vol. 2)

Not gonna lie, this is more of a mashup than a remix. Falcons, now solo project, melds all those notable edits from 2012 that made the walls of dancefloors worldwide sweat. From Kanye West, to Maths Time Joy, all weaved through that classic Missy Elliot cut.

And I just had to include Project Pat’s “Googley,” cuz that’s just some silly shit for your Saturday listening pleasure. 

Snag the entire remix set HERE.

Blasé Mouths

"Blasé is a super secret super new solo act from Boston, Ma.  I’ve played in bands  my whole life and sometimes I write songs that I instinctively feel selfish about. I’m not sure if it’s in fear of change or what but usually I would tuck them away in a folder on my desktop, but I also feel music should be shared. I want these songs to rely on emotions rather than who I am or what bands I’ve been in or how many likes on Facebook. I want people to be spontaneous, rely on instinct. "

W A T E R Mimi (from the Sluts Bootleg EP)

'Wahdur' just closed the book on tha pop star sluts rework category for 2012. Everyone else can just throw in tha towel. We tired of Beyonce edits anyway.

Don’t know shit about this project besides a staged letter from a fake PR firm, several Greek Mythology references, and these Zodiac x Twigs x worldly clinks and rhythmic beats from an ancient time. Big bass echoing through their own chambers until they come full circle—shaking, edits of your favorite Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Diplo, Mariah Carey, and Riri tracks. Excellent choices. This popped up on i-D’s radar, so expect to hear more. 

Tracklisting (this is how it looks once you DL and throw it in iTunes)


DOWNLOAD Water’s Sluts Bootleg EP HERE.

Freeze-Tag Twice (Little Dragon Cover)

That pop, gulp, ahhhhhh, feeling on this one. Refreshing take on electronic-fused, RnB. Great cover by singer/producer Freeze-Tag.

Play another game of Freeze-Tag on his Soundcloud.

(Thanks for Keep On Repeat for making me remember this name)

Zodiac Come (feat. Jesse Boykins III) (Video)

Favorite (blatant) sex song of 2012. Obsessed is an understatement. Now for the video. One word, skin. Even if you hate it, the song is too good not to play a few more times. 

If you haven’t already picked up Zodiac’s five-track RnB masterpiece, get it now via Jacques Greene’s ∀ASE.

Rules So Many Details (Rules Remix)

Words coming soon… For now, just enjoy Rule’s airy, tip-toes in the dark take on Toro y Moi’s sexy, funk-laden jam 'So Many Details.'

Check out my previous post on this DC newcomer HERE. Really digging what he’s putting down, and I hope you are too. This track is a free DL via his Soundcloud.

Soular Order Before You Leave

Flirting with deep house bassline and RnB heavy sample packs, Soular Order is definitely pulling in influences from all corners of the bass music scene. This track is heavy, with a dark tenderness to it, with soulful pitched down vocals that spark up throughout the track and bring a brightness to “Before You Leave”. A dynamic and interesting offering from City By Night Records. 

Go get Solour Order’s free three song release from City By Night Records’ Bandcamp.

(Thanks to Sound Injections for the rec)

rules I’m Patient

I’m sad it took a week for me look at this email and now I have to write this post after other “tastemaker” sites have already posted it. I will say I was lucky enough to receive rules rules rules jams the day he released them. Guess that means I don’t suck that much right? 

Hints of Ginuwine’s sexy RnB beats inhale and exhale through a fantastically palpitating house beat. ‘I’mPatient’ is subtle and confident, but stupidly catchy with those jumpy piano keys and flirty trumpet flairs. Can’t help but be cool. I am really digging this newcomer NOT from the UK. I know, I was shocked too. DC where you at?

More to come very soon, so get an RSS feed and follow along. Or get on that Soundcloud, Facebook tip.

Also, Rules’ entire EP can be downloaded for free via Bandcamp.

Samoyed Minnow (off the VSE07 Compilation for VSECLUB03 @ XOYO, Oct 5th 2012)

VSE07 LTD CD Compilation giveaway for the first 400 ticket holders at Jacques Greene’s VSE CLUB 03 at XOYO in London. I left for Ireland that morning. So bummed I had to this miss this showcase. Really wanted to catch Arclight. 

As far as the compilation goes, well Jacques Greene, Zodiac, Ango and Arclight have been big for me in 2012. Samoyed is new to me, so was pumped when I heard the lovely bouncing twinkles and heavy, sharp keys of “Minnow” and instantly wanted to hear it again. I think it’s my fave on this comp. Check the tracklist below and good luck finding a DL for it on the netz.

1. Arclight - Obsidian
2. Ango - Perfume (prod by JG)
3. Samoyed - Minnow
4. Jacques Greene - Faded
5. Zodiac - Points

Listen to a sampler of the comp HERE.